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Dr. Sue & Teddly Puppet sing “Wear a Mask,” Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue & Teddly Sing “Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Stay Apart, Show You Care” Creativity in Quarantine

Dr. Sue Teddly Puppet Wear a Mask
Dr. Sue Teddly Puppet Wear a Mask

Teddly, my Teddy Bear Puppet, loves entertainment and being with friends (Just like me)! But during the current corona crisis, live entertainment is not happening, and in-person socializing is limited. Friends are often hard to reach, and it’s easy to feel isolated, bored, and lonely.

I needed a way to stay active and connected to a community. I needed to communicate what I am doing, thinking, and feeling. I needed to create, share, and get a response.

I started spending a lot of time on the Internet – especially on Social Media and YouTube. I posted comments, photos, videos, songs, humor, and stories about my life. Facebook friends liked, commented, and began to feel like “real” friends. I also needed a sense of purpose – to feel that I was making a contribution. I created two Facebook groups: New York Strong and Dr. Sue Positive Entertainment – where members can comment and post their own images and videos – and I can do it too. I like costumes and props, so I looked around my home to see what was available.

That’s when I thought about Teddly – a bear puppet stuck in a box in my closet. It was time to come out of the closet – and think out of the box! Teddly began showing up in my Zoom meetings and Social Media photos!

When I needed a haircut (after four months of self-quarantine), Teddly helped me get the message across. I posted a photo of Teddly on my Facebook page with the caption: “Should I cut my own hair? Should I trust Teddly bear with scissors?”

To my surprise, I got loads of likes, comments, and advice – including a reference to Robin Baxter, a talented hairdresser in midtown. She turned out to be clean, convenient, courteous, talented and reasonable!

Teddly also began responding to the news with photos plus humorous comments and short poems. When President Trump promoted Goya Foods in the Oval Office, Teddly posed with a can of beans.

One of today’s most important (and controversial) issues is wearing masks – to protect yourself and others against the novel Coronavirus. The most recent medical studies (cited in The New York Times, July 28, 2020) offers strong evidence that masks offer protection against spreading the virus and becoming infected.

I wanted to convey the importance of wearing a mask, washing your hands, and keeping social distance. But I didn’t want to lecture people and provoke conflict. Puppets are a fun, non-threatening way to communicate, with special appeal to children – and the young-at-heart. I decided to write an original song, sing it with my Teddly Bear puppet, and put the video on YouTube!

Dr. Sue & Teddly Sing:
“Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Stay Apart, Show You Care” copyright Dr. Sue

“Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Stay Apart, Show You Care” by Dr. Sue

I’m so glad you ask why I wear a mask
It’s so important to do
In case you got germs, I don’t wanna get ’em
And if I got germs, I don’t wanna spread ’em
I’m so glad you ask… thank you for wearing a mask!

Oh please understand, and please wash your hands
It’s so important to do
We all should keep clean ’cause a germ, well it lingers
So wash up like me, though bears don’t have fingers
Oh please understand…thank you for washing your hands.

You might be a person, you might be a bear
Do it to show that you care….

I’m staying apart, you’re here in my heart
I’ll still be your Teddly Bear
It’s hard to be smart and keep my resistance
I’m keeping my words- I’m keeping my distance
I’ll show that I care…thank you from your Teddly Bear.

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Dr. Sue Guard Hamilton

Dr. Sue “Mrs. Hamilton the Musical” Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue’s Funny Review “Mrs. Hamilton the Musical”

“Hamilton the Musical” is a lot of laughs…after the show! I streamed the mega-hit, mega-bucks Broadway show on my computer. Due to the pandemic, Broadway is closed for live entertainment, but “Hamilton” now streams online – if you subscribe to Disney +.

I am in voluntary self-quarantine, so I spend most of my time at home with my computer – or going for morning, solo walks in my New York City park – where I became friendly with the Brookfield Place Security Guard. I always wear a mask indoors, but when I’m outdoors for my early morning, uncrowded walks, I’m less cautious. The Guard is more available before the daytime crowd arrives. We stay six apart and enjoy lively conversations, updating each other on our lives – with encouragement and humor.

The morning after I watched “Hamilton” I encountered my new friend, the Guard. He had not seen the show on Broadway or online, so I summarized the story – with my own comic twist – and here it is!

Hamilton (a US Founding Father), a.k.a. “Mr. Ham” is the lead role. Mr. Ham, immigrates to the pre-USA, fights for independence, invents banking, flirts with his bride’s sister, insults people, and fathers a son – who gets into to a duel to defend his dad’s honor. Mr. Ham tells his son to shoot into the air – which gets him killed.

Mrs. Hamilton is really steamed – especially when Mr. Ham defends his financial honor to his enemies by pointing out that his suspicious check stubs were payments to the hubby of a local hottie for letting Ham and hottie do the nasty in the wife’s bed.

Mr. Ham gets into his own duel, shoots into the air, and gets himself killed.

The musical makes multi-millions – on stage and now…on screen.

The Security Guard and I plan to write a sequel called… “Mrs. Hamilton: I Married a Moron! “

In our version, Mrs. Ham gets the pistol and shoots Mr. Ham in his pee-pee.

She becomes a Founding Mother, and we become billionaires!

Our new, improved version has comedy and a happy ending! We expect it to be a success – on stage, screen and as a sitcom/reality show called… “I Married a Moron!” The married couple will be play by a celebrity wife and a famous US politico husband. Guess who!

We hope to spin-off the sitcom into dance-exercise videos – so you can social distance – and stay in shape! Here is a free sample!

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Dr. Sue and Security Guard Dance-Exercise in the Park!

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Dr. Sue Orange Boa Trump Cabaret Comedy

Dr. Sue: “Come to the Orange Boa Bunker-Boy Trump Cabaret” Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue: “Come to the Orange Bunker-Boy Comedy Cabaret
Positive Entertainment

Here in solo quarantine due to Covid-19, life can be lonely and boring. Let’s face it, human beings need to share food, drinks…and show tunes!

All the theaters and cabaret venues in New York City are closed. There’s no stage, no scenery, no colored lights, no live audience – and worst of all – no cute waiters.

What’s a cabaret girl (or boy) to do? We still want to connect – and we need to stay creative. We need life purpose, we need human company, we need the arts, we need… “Orange Bunker-Boy Comedy Cabaret”!

Some of us live-stream; some of us zoom; some of us youtube, and some of us social media. Some online friends become ongoing friends – who comfort and cheer us through these dark days and nights – minus the bright light lights of Broadway and mini-lights of cabaret. This show is for you.

I call it my Home-Style Comedy Cabaret. It’s not as filling as home-fries, but on the bright side – I won’t have to burn calories at my gym – which is still closed 🙂

By the way, this show is called “Orange Bunker-Boy Comedy Cabaret” – so if you don’t like political comedy – or orange feather boas – and you do like the orange-themed POTUS – don’t watch my video!

But if you do, here we go-a with my boa!

What good is siting alone in your bunk?
Come to where rainbows play
With orange hair you’ll be quite a hunk
Come to Orange Bunker-Boy Comedy Cabaret!

Dr. Sue sings “Come to the Orange Bunker-Boy Comedy Cabaret”

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Book: “Queens of Comedy”
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Musical: “SssWitch”

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