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DrSue Videos: Project Runway, Motivational Speaker, Singer-Songwriter

DrSue Videos include her appearance on Project Runway, Entertaining Speech on Dolly Parton, Queens of Comedy and Diversity!

DrSue Videos Susan (DrSue) Horowitz Project Runway Model Puts Allure in Mature! drsue_create

Dr. Sue, Motivational Speaker, Author “Queens of Comedy” drsue_create

DrSue Motivational Speaker www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian

Dr. Sue Sings Original Universal Holiday Song: “All That We Love” 

DrSue Singer-Songwriter www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian

DrSue Videos reflect her multi-faceted career as an Entertainer (Singer-Songwriter-Comedian) Motivational Speaker, Model, and Author of the best-selling book Queens of Comedy, Musicals and Plays like SWitch! Rainbow to Oz, POEtic Justice, Dagon the Dragon, Club of Dreams, and More! DrSue (Susan Horowitz, Ph.D. aka DrSue) is also a Singer-Songwriter of Uplifting Songs like “All That We Love” and “Together Forever (One Love)” DrSue has written and sings songs for every month of the year! These songs are both independent and part of her musical Rainbow to Oz!

Rainbow to Oz Song List

  1. “Rainbow to Oz” (uplifting theme song)
  2. “Wizard of Love” (fun, flirty)
  3. “The Storm” (instrumental)
  4. “Gimme Some Red” (funny)
  5. “Calendar Girl (Hit the Road of Golden Bricks)” (witty, fun)
  6. “Friends are Soul Food”
  7. January: (New Year) “Who Are You Kissing?”
  8. February (Valentine’s Day/African Heritage): “Honeybee”
  9. March (Women’s History): “I Am a Woman”
  10. April (Passover-Easter): “Matzoh Ball Romance” (funny)
  11. May (Mother’s/Teacher’s Day): “Teach You in Time”
  12. June (Wedding Vow): “Together Forever (One Love)”
  13. July (Dream of Freedom) “Flying Free”
  14. August (Hurricane season) “Hurricane”
  15. September (Grape Harvest) “Night of Wine”
  16. October (Hispanic Heritage): “Si Senor” (funny)
  17. November (Autumn Longing) “Once Again”
  18. December (Universal Holiday Song) “All That We Love”
  19. “The Storm” becomes “Rainbow to Oz” (medley reprise)
  20. “Hero in Your Heart” (Anthem) 

DrSue Videos, and Images include her musicals and plays!

Rainbow to Oz Musical by Dr. Sue drsue_create
Rainbow to Oz Musical by Dr. Sue drsue_create

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Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.
Entertaining Motivational Speaker-Author-Educator-Singer/Songwriter.

Book: “Queens of Comedy”
(Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!)

“SWitch!” Original Play & Musical www.switchthemusical.com

Dr. Sue YouTube Channel

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