Dr. Sue Sings Funny Thanksgiving Song

Dr. Sue Sings Funny Original Thanksgiving Song! Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue Sings Original Funny Song about Voting & Thanksgiving Turkey!
Positive Entertainment

Every Thanksgiving, I give thanks that I am not a turkey!

This popular holiday celebrates the arrival (and survival) of European immigrants on the North American continent with a Thanksgiving feast. Virginia and Massachusetts boast about hosting the first Thanksgiving. You don’t hear as much from the Native Americans, who were already here. Turkeys are prominently featured on most American Thanksgiving tables and greatly admired – but they are not available for comment.

Why not? What wisdom can we glean from the fate of turkeys? Surely we should learn something after hundreds of years… or at least four years after the 2016 election!

If you think that someone who looks rich and claims to be a “real American” because his ancestors got here a few generations ago, will Make America Great for You, consider the fate of the foolish turkey…who gets plucked!

Enjoy my Song Video “Life is Just a Bowl of Gravy!”
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"Life is Just a Bowl of Gravy"

This is a tale of a turkey bird who went to a turkey trot
When anyone asked her "Will you dance?" She answered, "I will not" 
I'll only dance with a gentleman who makes my country great
If he's got money I'll call him my honey, and he will be my date.

Life is just a bowl of gravy - saucy and surprising
Life is just a bowl of gravy - and very appetizing! 

Suddenly somebody stepped on in who came from pilgrim stock
He said "I'll be candid, my boat has just landed nearby on Plymouth Rock
I sail the Mayflower and I got the power and you look mighty fine
Please do not stall my sweet Butterball and come with me to dine

Life is just a bowl of gravy - saucy and surprising
Life is just a bowl of gravy - and very appetizing! 

They went to a fabulous restaurant, she was his dinner date
But when they got there, the table was bare except for an empty plate
The rest of the story is terribly gory - her fate we still recall
If you didn't get here by the Mayflower dear
We're in the same boat - so get out and Vote!
And dance at your own Turkey Ball! 

Life is just a bowl of gravy - saucy and surprising
Life is just a bowl of gravy - and very appetizing! 

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