Phyllis Diller: "Susan Horowitz has analyzed female comedy and dissected it to the bone!"

Joy Behar: "A must for anyone who wants to crack the mystery of estrogen-induced yuks!"

American Express: “You listen to our concerns. Your methods to handle stressful situations work!”

Stark State College, John David, Faculty President: “Your outstanding keynote speech: ‘Celebrate Learning Diversity’ was highly motivational, educationally sound, and entertaining”

Mount Sinai Hospital: “Entertaining and uplifting!”

Atlantic Cape Community College, Avon L. Chapman, Director,: “You are an energetic, charismatic speaker who demonstrates a high level of preparedness resourcefulness and mastery of the topic.”

Author-Gender & Humor, Dr. Regina Barreca: "a wonderful combination of somebody who puts women's comedy in context, and is a funny, effervescent performer!"



Customized for Your Audience


(Goals-Obstacles-Action Plan-

Leadership -Service-Success)
Customized Format, Optional Workshops


Breakout Sessions
Diversity in Backgrounds, Communication & Learning Styles can be a source of strength – if we turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

“QUEENS (and Kings) of COMEDY”
Success secrets from Dr. Sue’s book Queens of Comedy
personal interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller,
Whoopi Goldberg, Dolly Parton etc.)- how megastars turn obstacles into opportunities!
Plus – MultiMedia Series with Videos: Kings & Queens of Comedy

“LAUGH AT, LIVE WITH, & LOVE YOURSELF”: Entertaining talk/Comedy/Songs
Explore the link between positive humor, laughter and health. Dr. Sue’s S.H.A.K.E.
(Stress – Humor – Attitude/Action – Keep Going – Enjoy) recipe makes your heart smart,
your brain gain, and your liver quiver!


Create better outcomes and reduce conflict with effective communication, clear goals,
and Dr. Sue’s results-oriented C.P.A. formula for personal Accountability. Reduce stress with Time Management and Anger Management. Turn Failure into Success! Handouts and Team/Partner Exercises.

SPEECH WRITING & COACHING: Special Events, Business Presentations

“Dr. Sue, You were a pleasure to work with!…I especially appreciated how you could take all of the “unspoken” intricacies a MOH speech and turn it into a beautiful, moving moment.” – Doreen Fogel (Client)


“The Genius of Jewish Comedy”: Entertaining Talk/Comedy/Songs
Why are there so many Jews in comedy? What makes humor Jewish or universal?
Why does Dr. Sue sing “If I Was a Rich Goil”? Dive into the Chicken Soup – Have a Matzoh Ball!

Kings & Queens of Jewish Comedy: MultiMedia Series with Videos

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASinging Services (Hebrew/English) for Sabbath and Holidays

Jewish Singers & Songwriters

Jewish Women on Broadway & Vaudeville!






Original Songs

(Uplifting, Romantic, and Funny)

plus Pop & Broadway Standards and Parodies.

Programs are customized for your Special Occasion!


Singles Workshops: “Break the Ice & Melt Their Hearts, Humor Attracts Romance, How to be Happy & Single”

History of Comedy: Entertaining, Multimedia Series with PowerPoint and Videos

“Columbus & the Caribbean”: PowerPoint Talk with Songs

“Pirates on Stage, Screen, Song & Sea”: PowerPoint Talk with Songs


“Dr. Horowitz is a dynamic, motivational speaker, who truly empowers
her audience! She not only speaks with energy and passion, but sings with
sparkle and warmth.” — Dr. Judith Jaye, Ambassador: Sourth Africa


“Dr. Susan Horowitz has a burning passion to empower, educate, and entertain her audience.
By means of songs, a clear flow of ideas and her enthusiastic personality she is able to reach and inspire
her audience and change lives!”
— Dr. Emmanuel Lantin, Ambassador: France


“Let us hand in hand make the betterment of the world. Let us start working together for empowering women.”
– Sri Hadiah Watie, Ambassador: Indonesia


“I am happy to note that I had the opportunity of meeting you in person and sharing your
passion for motivating people. I look forward to inviting you to Abuja-Nigeria.”
— Chief Ebenezer Isokrari, Ambassador: Nigeria


“Your outstanding keynote speech: “Celebrate Diversity” was highly motivational, educationally sound, and entertaining… Your breakout session with your G.O.A.L.S. program was a hit.
You really listened to your audience and geared your presentation to our concerns.”
— John David, Faculty President Stark State College


“You are an energetic, charismatic speaker who demonstrates a high level of preparedness,
resourcefulness and mastery of the topic.”
– Avon L. Chapman: Director, Atlantic Cape Community College


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