LEROY and LEBOWITZ – Prize-Winning Screenplay

Leroy, a fatherless black boy, and Lebowitz, an old Jewish widower, become friends as they train a homing pigeon in the inner city.

Leroy and Lebowitz is a finalist in a national screenwriting contest sponsored by From the Heart Productions dedicated to funding films make a contribution to society.

Leroy, raised by Deidre, a single mother who works as a maid,
is pressured by his friend Jamal into a life of crime.

When Jamal threatens Lebowitz, an old man who tends a cherry tree in a park,
Leroy distracts Jamal, saving the old man. Leroy returns alone and Lebowitz
tells him he grew the tree from a seed when he first immigrated to America.
He also shows him his prized possession-a homing pigeon named after the labor leader “Dubinsky.” Judy, Lebowitz’s daughter, urges him to move into a nursing home and not to trust Leroy.

Lebowitz shows Leroy how to attach messages to his homing pigeon.
Leroy shows Lebowitz how to use his computer and discovers a web site with information about a union for domestic workers. When Leroy takes the pigeon out alone, Jamal breaks its wing.

Leroy brings the bird home to bandage its wing. Urged by Deidre, Leroy finally brings back the bird and overhears Judy brand him a thief. When Lebowitz doesn’t defend him, Leroy runs away.

Leroy sees Lebowitz in the park and confronts him. Lebowitz says he’s too old to fight.
He’s going into a nursing home. Leroy digs a hole and puts in cherry pits. Lebowitz says,
“You don’t know how to grow a tree.” Leroy: “So stay, and show me.” Together, they dig.

Four principle characters:
Leroy, Lebowitz, Deidre (Leroy’s mother), Judy, Cleon (a bus driver who befriends Deidre).
Contemporary New York City Scenes, No Special Effects.

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