Teddly, the teddy bear, helps children read, master life skills, solve problems, and have fun! 

Read & Sing with Teddly” Story – Song – Interactive Game: Children learn to read, use their talents, solve problems, enjoy music & make friends. “Dagon the Dragon”  and “Maidel the Dreidle” (Story/Songs by Dr. Sue)

“Alphabet Fun with Teddly” Teddly looks for Butterfly who is hiding behind letters. Series expands to numbers, colors, shapes, etc.

“Goodnight, Teddly” Life Skills: Teddly learns to go to sleep, dress himself,  and take a bath.

“Teddly and the Magic Store” Teddly meets Buddyfly, a magic butterfly, and learns self-esteem, sharing, and creative problem solving.

Holidays & Heroes — Children learn about heroes from diverse cultures who conquer fears and achieve success. Sample Stories: “Frida Paints a Pinata” (English/Spanish) “Jin Rides a Dragon” (English/Mandarin) Holidays include:Las Posadas, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa,  Eid, etc.  

“Teddly, the Teddy Bear” Song written & sung by Dr. Sue.

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Child "Geniuses" & Dr. Sue
Child “Geniuses” & Dr. Sue

Photo: Dr. Sue presents “Jin Rides a Dragon” – an English/Mandarin story from “Holidays & Heroes” –

Photo is from a Teddly program
at the Early Childhood Center
Borough of Manhattan Community College/City University of New York

TEDDLY® PRODUCTS Plush Toys/Puppets  (may be packaged with books)

Animation (for Webcasts, TV Shows, Interactive Games)

Songs (for Microchip in Toy, Animation, Web Cast, CD or DVD)

ANCILLARY LICENSING: Cell Phone Ring Tones, Stickers, Crayons, Coloring Books, Puzzles, Games, Costumes, Mobiles Children’s Wear, Caps, T-shirts, Bedding, Cereals, Vitamins, Training Pants, Shampoos, Bandages, etc. Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz, Ph.D.  is the sole owner of the TEDDLY® and TEDDLY & BUDDYFLY®  trademarks, copyrights, web page, and the author of all TEDDLY® stories, artwork, and songs. Contact Dr. Sue for sample Teddly stories and prototypes of toy design.

My TeddyFriend ® © Copyright by Susan Horowitz

Dr. Sue My TeddyFriend
Dr. Sue My Teddyfriend

MY TEDDYFRIEND ® is available for licensing for all products!

Products include: toys, children’s clothing,
picture books, greeting cards, e-greetings, etc.

Current My TeddyFriend licenses include:
My TeddyFriend ® Bear Couture:
Teddy Bears with their line of fun clothing!

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