Musicals-Plays by DrSue


MUSICALS-PLAYS by DrSue: Calendar Girl, POE-tic Justice, SWitch, Reel Romance, Club of Dreams, Dagon the Dragon and More!

CALENDAR GIRL: Original Musical

Calendar Girl

POE-tic Justice: Original Play and Song, Modern Twist on Edgar Alan Poe

POEtic Justice


Switch the Musical

Switch the Musical

SWitch the Musical

A Fun, Family Musical with a Meaningful Message: Stand up to Bullies, Be Your Authentic Self, and Go for Your Dreams!

A Pop Broadway Score, Magic Basketball, Fashion, Cinderella meets Faust – with a dash of DamnO Yankees!

SWitch the Musical

A modern Cinderella meets a 
wisecracking Witch  – and learns
to transform her own life!

Rainbow to Oz

Rainbow to Oz

Dr. Sue’s orginal show is inspired by the story and themes of the book and film The Wizard of Oz.

Rainbow to Oz by Dr. Sue

OZLand Festival and Antonia Arts presents Dr. Sue’s story concert on August 6, 4:30pm, 925 South Street Peekskill, NY.

Rainbow to Oz is an original song, show, and multimedia program by Dr. Sue, aka Susan Horowitz, Ph.D.

Rainbow to Oz is family-friendly, uplifting entertainment. Themes include: fun, friendship, inclusion, diversity, imagination, and magic!

Musicals-Plays DrSue Club of Dreams

Musicals-Plays by DrSue Club of Dreams

Club of Dreams is an original musical that
distills the Bard’s top hits and Shakes(peares)
them into a cocktail of lush melodies,
witty lyrics & dialogue, a romantic-thriller plot,
a psychic trio, and hot dancing! Club of Dreams offers hope and a vision of a better future: “I See a Garden”


Musicals-Plays by DrSue Dagon the Dragon

Musicals-Plays by DrSue Dagon the Dragon

Dr. Sue Dagon Square small

“Dagon the Dragon”  
“Dagon the Dragon” is Dr. Sue’s
original, interactive, story theater!

“Dagon the Dragon” includes
her original song (with movements by children),
and artwork. Dr. Sue displays her artwork and invites children to create their own.
Dagon the Dragon has a positive, message about inclusion and self-empowerment.
Ages: pre-K through 3rd Grade.

Musicals-Plays by DrSue Reel Romance

Musicals-Plays by DrSue Reel Romance

Other Plays and Musicals Include:

“Reel Romance”:

“Poe-tic Justice” (2 Person Romantic Thriller)

“Doctor Dick” (Solo Musical Comedy)

“Mona, the Phona Bona”(2 Person Comedy)

“Judy Maccabee”: (Comedy with a Girl Hero)

“The Golden Heart”: First Prize National Children’s Play Contest

 For Details, See Individual Pages

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Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.
Entertaining Motivational Speaker-Author-Educator-Singer/Songwriter.

Book: “Queens of Comedy”
(Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!)

“Switch the Musical”

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