I AM LOVED: Illustrated Poetry


A Gift Book of Inspiring, Illustrated Poetry
by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz, Ph.D. Prize Winning Author
© 2005 Tristan Publishing

“I Am Loved”
Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz

In the seasons of our lives
From the start to journey’s end
We are kindergarten playmates
and then old, familiar friends

Whisper secrets, share a fear
Start to giggle, share a tear
When we’re opening our hearts
We can feel: “I am loved.”

And the one who can’t fit in
Different feelings, different skin
Finds the heart begins to heal
When we feel: “I Am Loved”

You can raise hope from the ground
You can turn life around
You can feel now and forever
“I Am Loved”

The above is only a
small sample of the entire
“I Am Loved Poem”

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