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DrSue Passover Comedy

DrSue Passover Comedy

DrSue Passover Comedy

Dr. Sue Singer-Songwriter-Comedian-Puppeteer!

Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz Sings her funny original song: “Matzo Ball Romance” Teddly Bear Puppet plays Matzo Box Tambourine!

(Positive Humor & Songs)

Susan Horowitz is a Speaker and Author of “Queens of Comedy” (Interviews with Comedy Legends: Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett, Phyllis Diller)!

Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz Sings Funny Original Passover Song “Matzo Ball Romance”

Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz Sings Funny Original Passover Song “Matzo Ball Romance”

DrSue Passover Comedy! Here’s the link to DrSue performance of “Matzoh Ball Romance” at the legendary @Don’t Tell Mama Cabaret in New York City! (“Matzo” and “matzoh” are alternative spellings.)

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Dr. Sue Sings “Matzoh Ball Romance”

Dr. Sue Sings “Matzoh Ball Romance” @ Don’t Tell Mama Cabaret

Dr. Sue Sings “Matzoh Ball Romance”
"Matzo Ball Romance"  by Susan "Dr. Sue" Horowitz 
I was sittin' at a seder 
In a temple of worship 
When a cute guy sat right next to me 
He said, "I am single, and I am a doctor 
I have an Ivy degree."  

My Mama said, "Girl, meet a man at a temple 
It's better than a barroom or dance. 
Don't keep your heart locked or 
Miss out on a doctor 
A beautiful Matzo Ball Romance."  

I was lookin' at my cell phone  
When I saw a text message 
From my romance so kosher and nice 
He said, "I am lonely, visit my office 
I'll give you a discounted price."  

My Mama said, "Girl, when you go to a temple 
Keep your eye out for someone in pants." 
Don't know what to call it: 
His eye on my wallet 
Not a beautiful Matzo Ball Romance." 

Yeah, I went back to the temple. 
He saw me but he ran away  (Like a chicken)  
So I looked 'round the room I made a new friend.  
There's something that I'd like to say:   

"Fellas and girls, when you go to a temple 
Don't be afraid, take a chance 
Some folks are chicken 
But true friends are rib-stickin' 
Like a beautiful Matzo Ball Romance. 

Music and Lyrics 
by  Susan "Dr. Sue" Horowitz 
copyright 2022

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