Songwriting Sisters by Dr. Sue

Songwriting Sisters

Songwriting Sisters Musical DrSue

Songwriting Sisters Songs, Show, Web Page copyright 2022 Susan Horowitz, aka Dr. Sue

Songwriting Sisters by Dr. Sue

SONGWRITING SISTERS: A Funny, Feisty, Golden Girl Musical! (with songs for every month)!

Sue, a mature (“Golden Girl”) Singer-Songwriter, meets Dorothy Fields (in the Heavenly Songwriters Hall of Fame/Golden Age Section) who bets her misogynist Director that she can motivate a living songwriter to win a contest with original songs for every month!

Character Breakdown: Two Actors (minimum) Play Multiple Roles

  1. Sue, a mature (“golden girl”) singer-songwriter, can play Dorothy Fields (in a chic 1930s hat) the only female songwriter from the “Golden Age of Song” in the Songwriters Hall of Fame!
  2. Music Director can play piano and act other roles                                   

Sets/Props: Piano, stool, optional projections

Costumes: hats and accessories to suggest characters, song styles, and periods.

Length: Flexible (can also be a series)

Development: Susan Horowitz (Dr. Sue) sings songs from Songwriting Sisters in many venues, include Virtual Fringe Festival Christmas in July.

Scroll Down for Songwriting Sisters Story Details and Original Song List & Months

Songwriting Sisters Musical DrSue: Sample Song Videos

Dr. Sue Sings “Celebrate Your Life” (opening song)

Dr. Sue sings her original song “Celebrate Your Life”

Dr. Sue Sings “Who Are You Kissing?” (on New Year’s Eve)

Dr. Sue Sings her Original Song “Who Are You Kissing?”

Dr. Sue Sings “Honeybee” February (Valentine’s Day, African American History)

Dr. Sue sings her original song “Honeybee”

Dr. Sue Sings “I Am a Woman” March (Women’s History)

Dr. Sue Sings “Matzo Ball Romance” April (Passover)

Dr. Sue Sings “Teach You In Time” May (Mother’s Day, Asian Heritage)

Dr. Sue Sings “All That We Love” December (Multicultural Holidays)

Dr. Sue Sings her original song “All That We Love”

Songwriting Sisters Musical DrSue: Story

Story: Sue, a mature (“golden girl”) singer-songwriter who sings standards with a jazz band, is fed up with rejections from songwriting contests. She has a strange dream, where she meets the Director of the Heavenly Choir/Golden Age Section. The Director wants to kick out Dorothy Fields, the only woman in the original Songwriters Hall of Fame and turn it into an all boys club. Dorothy and the Director make a bet. If the Director wins, Dorothy resigns, if Dorothy wins, she replaces him as Director.

The bet involves a songwriting contest. Dorothy must motivate a living female songwriter (Sue) to win a contest by writing a song for every month. The only way she can communicate is when Sue semi-quotes one of Dorothy’s songs. Down on earth, Sue semi-quotes Dorothy’s lyric, and Dorothy appears, wearing a chic 1930s hat!

Sue sings a calendar year of songs and meets the challenge. Dorothy wins her bet with the misogynist Director, kicks him down to Hades (where he directs a choir called “The Shady Ladies of Hades”), and becomes the new Choir Director. Sue, with renewed confidence, goes on singing and writing songs!

Songwriting Sisters Musical DrSue: Original Songs by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz

  • Opening Song: “Celebrate Your Life”
  • January: (New Year) “Who Are You Kissing (on New Year’s Eve)?”
  • February (Valentine’s Day African-American History): “Honeybee”
  • March (Women’s History Month): “I Am a Woman”
  • April (Easter-Passover): “Matzo Ball Romance”
  • May (Mother’s Day, Asian Heritage): “Teach You in Time”
  • June (Pride): “Hero in Your Heart”
  • July (Patriotism, Americas) “Si Senor”
  • August (Hurricane season) “Hurricane”
  • September (Grape Harvest, Hispanic Heritage) “Night of Wine”
  • October (Halloween): “Accessory to Crime”
  • November (Late Autumn) “Once Again”
  • December (Holiday Season) “All That We Love”
Christmas in July Festival
Christmas in July Festival hosts Dr. Sue’s holiday songs!

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Songwriting Sisters Musical DrSue

Songwriting Sisters by Dr. Sue
Songwriting Sisters: a Funny Feisty Golden Girl Musical by Dr. Sue

“Songwriting Sisters” Music, Lyrics, and Script by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz copyright 2022

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Songwriting Sisters Songs, Show, Web Page copyright 2022 Susan Horowitz, aka Dr. Sue

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