Phyllis Diller: "Susan Horowitz has analyzed female comedy and dissected it to the bone!"

Joy Behar: "A must for anyone who wants to crack the mystery of estrogen-induced yuks!"

American Express: “You listen to our concerns. Your methods to handle stressful situations work!”

Stark State College, John David, Faculty President: “Your outstanding keynote speech: ‘Celebrate Learning Diversity’ was highly motivational, educationally sound, and entertaining”

Mount Sinai Hospital: “Entertaining and uplifting!”

Atlantic Cape Community College, Avon L. Chapman, Director,: “You are an energetic, charismatic speaker who demonstrates a high level of preparedness resourcefulness and mastery of the topic.”

Author-Gender & Humor, Dr. Regina Barreca: "a wonderful combination of somebody who puts women's comedy in context, and is a funny, effervescent performer!"


New York Times Travel Show

Dr. Sue: New York Times Travel Show 2020

Travel Dreams start at the New York Times Travel Expo and take you – anywhere!

You can DiscoverUpstateNY.com –

Explore Niagra Falls, The Finger Lakes, wineries, Long Island beaches and resorts, the Catskill Mountains – home to AshokanCenter.org Music, Dance, and Nature Center.

Or travel to the Adirondacks National Park with Lake Placid and charming Saratoga Springs with beautiful arts, crafts, fashion, horse racing and the annual February Dance and Music Flurry with all kinds of dancing, music (mainly folk and world music) and family fun! flurryfestival.org

Discover New York – and US History – when you visit the Erie Canal! CanalNY.com

This man-made water-way linked the Continental USA with New York Harbor, Europe, and the oceans of the world!

It’s all in New York State (iloveny.com)!

Or travel the world as a Global Citizen!

Discover all that’s possible in Dubai! – Visit the first 2020 International Expo in Dubai in 2020: expo2020Dubai.com . You will experience exhibits from numerous countries and cultures – plus an imaginary voyage to the future!

Why stop there? You can explore exotic and inclusive Morocco undermoroccansun.com with a customized tour focusing on world music, ancient cultures and its unique and diverse heritage – including its Jewish (and other) communities!

You can sail the Mayflower (newly restored at a multi-million dollar cost) from Plymouth, MA to Boston on its 400th year anniversary voyage (1620-2020) SailingMayflower.org and learn about our diverse (Native, European, African, etc.) United States Heritage at Plimoth Plantation: Plimoth.org.

While you’re in Massachusettes, don’t forget to visit Cape Cod and artistic, rainbow-friendly Provincetown a bastion of theater , gay pride, beaches, culture and fun! ptownchamber.com

As long as you’ve dipped your toes in the ocean…

Swim and Sail the Greek Islands visitGreece.gr .

Or sample fantastic Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine at the elegant Thalassa Restaurant New York City thalassanyc.com (“Thalassa” means “Sea” in Greek.)

And if you love islands, why not enjoy the beautiful Caribbean at an all-inclusive resort?

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic has so much to offer at the newly renovated Impressive Resorts and Spa in Punta Cana impressiveresorts.com

And why stop there?

Don’t you deserve a wonderful cruise – anywhere in the world? Sail with MMGY – njfpr.com

So what are you waiting for?

Soak up the sun, the sea, the culture, and the fun!

Let the New York Times Travel Show open the doors – the world is yours!

Empowering Entertainment!™

 Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy”

(interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett,

Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, etc.) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367

 Original Musical: “SssWitch”: http://www.ssswitch.net

 CD: “For Heroes and Lovers”: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drsue2

NY Times Travel Show 2018 – Dr. Sue

The New York Times Travel Show is packed with dreams of adventure!

You can snap a photo with a costumed Mayan from Guatemala.

Or reserve your plane, ship or plane (with a travel show discount) for a vacation spot where the weather suits your clothes.

Pack a bikini for a tropical resort

… or thermal underwear for the North or South Poles!


Don’t forget your walking shoes.  Come climb with me to the top of an ancient Mayan temple/tomb in Belize, Central America!

You can spice up relationships by traveling as a couple, or spend time as a family.

Or (if you’re solo) make new friends and save money on a singles supplement  (SinglesTravelInternational.com).

You can luxuriate in the newly renovated Gran Hotel in Costa Rica (hotelselite.com).

You can find a travel agent (WTH.com),  travel with a professor (travelingprofessor.com) cruise the Caribbean Sea – or C.U. in C.U.B.A.!

You can take Metro North or drive along the Hudson River to Teatown, NY for an Eagle Fest (Teatown.org/EagleFest)!

You can sip and sample your way through the Finger Lakes Wine Country in New York State (FLXWineCountry.com).

You can book World Heritage Tours to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, Middle East (WorldHeritageTours.com).

You can tour Morocco or attend a World Music Festival (visitMorocco.com)!

Or stay right here in the Big Apple by celebrating Caribbean Week in NYC (June 2-8, 2018 – Caribtourism.com)

You can even couch-travel and watch Cable TV Travel show (CreateTV.com/Travel)

Near or far – where ever you are – the New York Times Travel Show will whet your appetite for wanderlust!

Empowering Entertainment!™

 Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy”

(interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett,

Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, etc.) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367

SssWitch!” – a Bewitching Musical! www.ssswitch.net

 CD: “For Heroes and Lovers”: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drsue2

 Dr. Sue is an award-winning Writer/Performer/Professor Books, Plays, Musicals, Screenplays, Poetry, and Songs.  


Travel: New York Times Travel Show Dr. Sue

Win a Cruise @NY Times Travel Show

Win a Cruise @NY Times Travel Show

The annual New York Times Travel Show has something for everyone:  from fantasy vacations to a fun afternoon!

You can vacation globally (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Antarctica)!

You stay-cation in NYC with a Broadway Show, Dining Certificate &  Parking Voucher with ManhattanClub.com

You can spin a wheel and win a deal (a cruise for two) at GetReadyToCruise.com

NYTimesTravel1You can book a cruise or cruise with books with RoadScholar.org , EnrichmentVoyages.org , or SemesteratSea.org (learning & adventure for savvy seniors or college students).

You can time-travel through New York State via ILoveNY.com/PathThroughHistory,.

You can climb-travel in the Himalayas or a fiberglass wall at the Javits Center. (The wall is a good place to drop off the kids – but fasten that safety harness – unless you really want to drop them off!)

You can climb into a bikini  at a resort pool… or climb into a martini at a midtown Manhattan bistro…

RickSue1BrightSue “Dr. Sue” Horowitz (Vocalist)  & Rick Bogart (Clarinet)

Perform Jazz Standards, Romantic  Songs & Clever Parodies

Broadway Thai Restaurant  241 West 51st Street (btwn Broadway-8th Ave) NYC

Saturday/Sunday Nights  (212) 226-4565, No Cover.

Thai &  American Food & Drinks are delicious (and reasonable)

Creative Living:

Live Your Vacation Dream  – You can’t take it with you – but you can take a plane, train, bus, boat or taxi  to wherever you imagine! So as the song goes, “Pack up all your cares and woes…” and go for it!

(Editor/Photographer: Jay Berman)

Sue MimosaBlog by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz,Ph.D.  www.drsue.com 

CD “Keys of Love”  www.cdbaby.com/drsue

Book: “Queens of Comedy” (interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, etc.) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367