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Dr. Sue SssWitch

Dr. Sue Sings Funny Witch Song Positive Educational Entertainment

Dr Sue Sings Funny Witch Song Positive Educational Entertainment

Dr. Sue Sings her Funny, Original Song “Accessory to Crime” from her Fun, Family Musical “SssWitch!”

Enjoy Funny Song-Video “Accessory to Crime” by Dr. Sue
from her Original Musical”SssWitch” – www.SssWitch.net .

Dr. Sue, Writer-Performer-Professor, presents a multi-media, entertaining, educational experience! Her original song “Accessory to Crime” from her musical “SssWitch” combines witty, rhyming lyrics and a catchy, sing-along tune.

Dr. Sue speaks to the audience as a funny, flirtatious Witch sharing delightful, magical secrets. Then she sings the witch’s song “Accessory to Crime” in which the witch confesses that she resents the special privileges of Disney-type princesses and turns to a life of naughty crime. This comic confessional-complaint is classic musical theater. The jealous villain is a twist on Shakespearean villains like jealous Iago in “Othello.”

Dr. Sue speaks and sings with humor and clear diction – so important, especially for those for whom English is a second language.

The Witch appears in her fantasy world – a virtual background with a green sky, twisted black branches and a hint of spiders and pumpkins! The virtual background and costume elements (like Dr. Sue’s little witch-like hat) add visual interest and are perfect for online entertainment and learning.

Dr. Sue’s introduction and ending remarks establish Dr. Sue as an Entertaining, Host-Educator for a series of progams or stand alone short videos. The videos may be used as prompts for discusssion and writing, and programs may include other guest speakers, artists, and educators.

Enjoy Dr. Sue’s Song-Video “Accessory to Crime”!

Here’s the “Accessory to Crime” lyric from Dr. Sue”s original musical: “SssWitch”

"Accessory To Crime"
Oh princesses have fame, like that girly - what's her name?
The one with the big pumpkins and the shoes
Without slippers made of glass, it's hard to show my class
So I'm...an Accessory to Crime! 

Oh Beauty had a Beast, a castle and a feast
They call her Belle, but me - they just abuse
They say that I've got zits and very smelly pits
I'm...an Accessory to Crime!

Why do I act like I'm a rat and talk of gloom and doom? 
Why am I cruel to my own cat and ride a big vacuum? 
The devil makes me wear this hat, my outfit makes me itch
I can't impress you with my dress 
So I confess that my success is acting like a witch!

Oh princesses have feet that are tiny and smell sweet
But sister all my blisters tend to ooze
My feet they are humungous, and covered with green fungus!
If I had just one glass slipper, I just might unzip my zipper
For a prince - or a big tipper!
Till that day revenge feels so sublime
I'm...an accessory an accessory...Here's to Crime!

copyright 2020 Susan Horowitz
Written Music is available on Request.
Susan "Dr. Sue" Horowitz is available as an 
Entertaining, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Singer-Songwriter,
and Teaching Artist. Please Use Contact Form on Website

Please get in touch! We’d love to hear your response and suggestions!

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Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.
Entertaining Motivational Speaker-Author-Educator-Singer/Songwriter.

Book: “Queens of Comedy”
(Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!)

“SWitch!” Original Play & Musical www.switchthemusical.com

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Dr. Sue Reel Romance Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue Reel Romance Positive Entertainment


Dr. Sue Reel Romance Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue Reel Romance Positive Entertainment

Reel Romance™: we’re a show, and we’re a brand! Just like waistlines, we expand!…   “Reel Romance™ with a Twist!”  Romantic Comedy by Susan Horowitz “Dr. Sue” (Writer/Performer/Producer/Co-Director) Co-Star/Co-Director: Gorman Ruggiero; Production Assistant: Kellyrose Marry


Contact Dr. Sue: drsue@drsue.com  

      New York New Works Theatre Festival logoNew York New Works Theatre Festival  www.nynwtheatrefestival.com 

Duke Theatre 229 W. 42nd Street (Broadway) NYC    “Susan’s an inspiring, natural force on stage!  Reel Romance is a fun, interesting depiction of love.” Andrew Monohan, Theatre Writer/Composer “Wonderful performance! Our family loved it!” President Sherry Su -Xu, Anwil Scholar Inc. Tutoring Center, International “Your joy and spirit were infectious! How neat to satirize both Titanic and Gone With the Wind. I enjoyed how you worked in Bette Midler’s “The Rose”. – Howard Gross, HOLLYWOOD MENSA “Your Act was AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed it!” – Alicia Nebblett-Roberts BMCC Alum, Registered Nurse “Reel Romance is funny!” Beth Newbery, Artistic Director InfusionArts “Your acting was great – body language was excellent!” – Professor Elliot Fink “Reel Romance was a “reel” fun experience with a definite twist! You and your co-actor seemed so natural together.  And you on your own are quite charming.” Delores Morales, Actor-Singer “Reel Romance is very, very entertaining!” Jane Berman,  Manager, New York State Government   The Reel Romance™  brand stands for fun, friendship, and love – at any age and stage!  Like a pitcher needs a catcha, like a batter needs a ball Reel Romance is comin’ atcha, here’s a list – and that ain’t all!   Reel Romance™ & Real Talk with Dr. Sue (Radio/TV) Reel Romance™ Fashion, Mixology (Cocktails & Mock-Tails), Songs, and Licensing  Reel Romance™ Events with Entertainment!  Reel Romance™ is a production of Empowering Entertainment™  by Dr. Sue


Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy” (Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!) www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367

Musical: “SssWitch”: www.ssswitch.net

 www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos  

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Dr. Sue New York New Works Theatre Festival Positive Entertainment

NYNW Director Gene Frisch & Dr. Sue

NYNW Director
Gene Frisch & Dr. Sue

What’s so special about New York New Works Theatre Festival? First: there’s the fun, party-like atmosphere in the theatre lobby/bar.  You can single/mingle, find friends, or even meet real industry heavy weights, like Tony-Award winning Broadway producers, directors, writers, designers, etc.  (Here’s a tip – if the show starts at 7pm, show up at 6:30 and check out the crowd. Order a drink, which you can bring into the theatre – you’ll support the venue – which keeps your ticket price low.) Second: there’s diversity. Each night offers a buffet of entertainment possibilities – five/six twenty minute excerpts from different shows. Festival selections include hilarious comedy, political cabaret (with parody songs), heart-wrenching drama, musical theatre (including a Broadway revival), sexy dance theatre, a puppet show for kids, etc. If you don’t like one show – stick around for the next. (Here’s a tip – there’s a short intermission between each show, so stand and stretch or chat with your neighbor – you may learn something or make a connection – and your legs will thank you. Wait? Do legs talk – well, maybe – in experimental theatre.) Third: there’s the location and time – Times Square Arts Center -300 West 43rd Street/8th Ave. (2nd Floor) NYC – one block from Port Authority; 7pm – How easy is that? (If you absolutely have to leave early – you can do it during a short intermission.) Fourth: there’s the price – only $20/ticket for a full evening of theatre. If you’re an audience member you can have fun and support your friends,  make new ones, and make your opinion count – (you can vote for your two favorite shows to make it to the finals and win prizes). Fifth: if you’re a theatre artist, you get to showcase your show to industry pros and get feedback – for a reasonable cost.  Why? Because New York New Works Theatre Festival picks up most of your production cost and invites a panel of experts to give feedback and select (along with audience votes) the shows that make it to the finals. “We wanted to make a difference.” says  Gene Fisch, Jr., founder and Festival Director. (The “We” includes Abby Judd, Festival Manager, and Melissa Gordon, Marketing, of Bear In Mind Creative.) “I noticed that many theatre festivals put a real financial strain on emerging artists – with little to show for it.  I thought – we can do better. New York New Works Theatre Festival aims to  include emerging artists in the Broadway community and offer guidance and real opportunities. – and several of our shows are on their way!” Video by Saat-Sue Multi-Media So – why is New York New Works Theatre Festival special? Because it offers audiences and artists entertainment and opportunities – for fun, creativity, and professional success! The New York New Works Theatre Festival runs August/September – Semi-Finals September19-22, 26  with the finals gala on October 5 2016.  Tickets are available online at www.nynwtheatrefestival.com . Find The New York New Works Theatre Festival on Facebook @nynwtheatrefestival, Twitter: @nynwtheatrefest  |  #nynwtheatrefest and online at www.nynwtheatrefestival.com

Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy” (Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!) www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367 Musical: “SssWitch”: www.ssswitch.net  www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos