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Dr. Sue Original Funny Cuomosexual Song “Governor Cuomo, Donald Trump, Republican Cruise” Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue Original Funny Cuomosexual Song “Governor Cuomo Donald Trump Republican Cruise” Positive Entertainment

Dear Governor Cuomo, I notice that when your brother Chris was sick with Covid-19, he had a fever dream – and you were in it!

Well, you give me fever!

And last night I had this fever dream about you, the Republican National Convention, and Donald Trump!

I heard on the news that North Carolina does not want to host the convention, but Florida does!

Guess what’s in Florida?

Yes, Miami. When I think of Miami, I think of…Cruise Ships!

I think the Republicans should have their convention on a cruise ship. After all, most cruise ships sail under foreign flags and don’t pay US taxes – just like Donald Trump!

If Trump can cruise, why can’t I? So I wrote this song about our cruise –
just Andy, me… and the Republican National Convention!

Last night I had the strangest dream
– a feverish invention
I dreamed that I was on a cruise
The Republican National Convention!

Republicans held their Bibles
upside down at the buffet
They all got triple helpings –
and used the Bible as a tray!

They sat in crowded hot tubs,
which the virus did pollute
Trump joined in the action –
with no mask and no swimsuit!

His spray tan started melting, and his hair dye bleached his brain
Suddenly he saw me and yelled, “Get the anchor chain!”

They got the chain to lynch me, which is legal according to Republican Senator Paul
Then who show up in a speed boat? The Greatest Hero of Them All!”

– Parody Lyric by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz –
inspired by the song “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream” (by Ed McCurdy)

Dear Governor Cuomo, you showed up just in time to rescue me!
Yes, I have a dream. And with your help and the help of all good-hearted people, we can rescue the American dream!

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Dr. Sue Lake Hopatcong Cruises Positive Entertainment

Lake Hopatcong Cruises

Lake Hopatcong Cruises

How’d you like to take a break on a lovely lake – with wining, dining, and mansion views? If New Jersey’s greenery, gorgeous scenery, or a  floating feast amuses – then book lunch, dinner, cocktails and more on Lake Hopatcong Cruises. If I got a bit carried away with show-tune style rhymes, it’s because many of those mansions we sailed past were built by Broadway stars. In fact, our boat/ aka floating dining room “Miss Lotta” was named for Lotta Crabtree – a successful, wealthy vaudeville headliner.
Dr. Sue on Lake Hopatcong

Dr. Sue on
Lake Hopatcong

Once you climb on board “Miss Lotta” (the boat, not the lady), you’ll enjoy a two-hour narrated architectural/nature cruise.  There are vintage and modern homes, boathouses, condos and bungalows.  We even spotted an eagle nesting in a tree! There’s a full bar (cocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks) and delicious buffet (lunch, brunch, and/or snacks for cocktail hour. The staff is friendly, courteous, and very attentive. (While I was outside exploring the upper and lower boat decks, my waitress “Cupcake” set me up for a second mimosa.) Lake Hopatcong is located in a state park in Morris County, New Jersey. (The nearest semi-big towns are Morristown and Hackettstown, NJ) – about an hour from Manhattan (in weekend morning traffic). It’s a long time since “Hopatcong” was named by the Native Americans, who may have been able to follow those twists and turns down to the lake – so turn on your GPS and Google Maps. (Type in 37 Nolan’s Point Park Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849.) Reservations strongly advised (our cruise was packed). For more information and to book your cruise, visit the Lake Hopatcong Cruises on the web: http://lakehopatcongcruises.com/. Creative Living by Dr. Sue:  You Deserve a Break – On or Off a Lake Why wait till you have the time and money for a major vacation?  Plan a mini-cation that fits your pocketbook. Cruise a lake or local hotspots for relaxation and fun! (Photo of Dr. Sue by Jay Berman)

Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

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