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Dr. Sue TRU Producing/Investing/Marketing Panel Positive Entertainment

  TRU (Theater Resources Unlimited – www.truonline.org hosts panels and workshops for theater professionals at all stages of their careers. Audiences and Speakers include Producers, Investors, Artists, and Self-Producing Artists (SPA’s – because it’s so relaxing to produce your own show ūüôā ) Panelists include Commercial Broadway Producers: Eric S. Goldman (Entertainment Attorney), Patrick Blake, Van Dean, Jeremy Handelman, Cheryl Wiesenfeld, and James L. Simon. Here are my notes from the panel – with questions: Why People Invest – How to Pitch and Choose Projects 1. People invest and produce¬†for different reasons, including: profit– everyone hopes¬†to make money, but people may invest for other reasons – relationship to creative team and/or producer, experience – the thrill of being part of a glamour industry, with opening nights, parties, and the chance to mingle with stars, passion for the project – the artistry, message, etc.! Basic RGB 2. Is this show well-crafted? (I had the opportunity to successfully present my musical SSS…WITCH! ssswitch.net¬†¬†as part of the TRU series “How To Write a Musical” – the experience was quite helpful!) 3.¬†Does this show have a selling point? Is it based on a popular property? If so, does the producer and/or writer own the rights? Does it have a celebrity star? Will that star sell tickets? 4. Who is on the production team? Is there a capable general manager? Does it have a realistic budget? (cast size? sets? etc.) S.A.F.E. – An Acronym for Smart Choices 1. S – What will Sell this Show?¬†¬†A name-brand¬†property? the concept? the celebrity star? the writing team? 2. A – Audience Who is your Target Audience (not “everyone” be specific – and spill over). Do these people go to the theatre? 3. F –¬† Funds How are your investors going to recoup their money – and how long will it take?¬† How many tickets do you have to sell – and how much will it cost to keep that show afloat?¬†(You can make money beyond Broadway in stock and amateur rights. Musicals are more likely to tour than straight plays – and don’t forget licensing – shared by authors and sometimes producers!) 4. E – Environment What is happening in the world and current theater environment? Aim for relevance and avoid repetition. Producers and Projects need to Match! Producers choose shows for a several reasons – passion for the subject, love of the artistry, money-making potential, entertainment and fun,¬†etc.¬† Nobody does everything well – or wants to – talent and funding need to match! The Journey Most shows don’t open on Broadway. They start in regional theatres, off (and off-off Broadway), festivals (for example, fringe and New York Musical Festival)¬†London’s West End, International Venues, and today’s trend – the movie-cal a slick move from Screen to Stage!
Dr. Sue Sings "You Can Be a Hero"

Dr. Sue Sings “You Can Be a Hero”

Hope you enjoy hearing me sing my original¬†song “You Can Be a Hero” from my musical show “Cupid’s Dart”¬†¬† (performed at Theater for the New City) “You Can Be a Hero”¬†copyright 2015¬†Susan Horowitz Creative Living by Dr. Sue: Do What You Love! These tips are intended to help you make smart choices. But even if you never make a dime, if you do what you love, you’ll have the time of your life! Support the Arts!: Without the arts, many children have no chance for a better, more fulfilling life! Without the arts, there is no real beauty, joy, ¬†or¬†civilization!

Susan (“Dr. Sue”)¬†Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy” (Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!) www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367 Musical: “SssWitch”: www.ssswitch.net ¬†www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos  
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Dr. Sue Entertaining Host JCT Variety Show Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue: Performing Host/Interviewer
 JCT Awards Dr. Sue Horowitz "Entertainer of the Year 2013"

JCT Awards
Dr. Sue Horowitz
“Entertainer of the Year 2013”

JCT Multi-Media Awards Dr. Sue “Entertainer of the Year 2013”
Where to go to catch a show?¬†¬†Beat the heat, drink and eat?¬†¬† Air-conditioning¬†¬†on full blast – so chill out – enjoy the cast:¬† Funny Comics who can talk, Models struttin’ the catwalk¬†¬† Dancers with and without ¬†shoes – Singers and fun Interviews¬†¬† Tangos, Tappers, Actors, Rappers, Broadway ballads, Caesar salads¬† Entertainment – a full menu – dinner – drinks – you’ll love our venue! The JCT Variety Show (August 2013) was tons of fun!¬† The talent was definitely varied and entertaining: ¬†“The Amazing Amy” Yoga-Contortionist-Dancer (who demonstrated flexibility at any age)¬†; Fabielle –¬†a handsome model (who showed me how to catwalk); a¬†teen dancer(who tapped her way through a Beatles song ); an actress (with a monologue about a hamburger flipper); a model/singer (who warbled “Sistah” from The Color Purple) ¬†to Miss Asia – an R&B¬†¬†singer. I hosted the show and¬†sang my original songs “Dare to Believe” “Celebrate Your Life” and “Yo Te Amo (I Love You)” . After the performances, I did¬† a group interview of¬†show biz kids with their parents (including Producer Poppa T.)¬† All agreed that¬† being in show business is intense, demanding work that takes¬†patience and persistance – plus (from the parents) a willingness to chauffeur their talented offspring to auditions, invest finances and time (and handle the jealousy of siblings who may be too young for the biz – or just not interested).¬† A bad stage parent pushes the child past his/her own needs and interests¬†to satisfy what is really an adult agenda.¬† A good stage parent and¬†mentor¬†knows when to step back – to avoid making a performer feel pressured –¬†and¬†when to step forward to encourage, teach, and protect – and to know the difference between the child’s interests – and the parent’s own needs. All this is a mental health ideal – and it’s not so easy to draw the line – especially when a child is gifted.¬† What we call “genius” is a combination of unusual talent, hard work, and determination. Where would young Wolfgang Mozart have been without pushy poppa Leopold?¬† What about young Michael Jackson and driver dad Joe Jackson?¬†More peaceful? Perhaps. ¬†Less productive? Probably. Whatever your talent or taste, there’s something for everyone at JCT”s variety show. ¬†The audience gets free entertainment, delicious food and¬†drink.¬†If you’re an aspiring star, this is your chance to be seen! “Success Awaits Us!” Creative Living
  • Live your dream – and your talent¬†– you don’t know if you’re hot till you give it a shot!
  • If you’re pushing your child or significant other(s) to achieve – make sure it’s their dream – not yours.
  • Enjoy good¬†entertainment good food -and do what you love!
(Editor/Photographer Jay Berman)

Susan (“Dr. Sue”)¬†Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy” (Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!) www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367 Musical: “SssWitch”: www.ssswitch.net ¬†www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos