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Dr. Sue & Tashawn X

DrSue New Word Chance Basketball Positive Entertainment

DrSue New Word “Chance” Dr. Sue, Inspiring Educator, and Tashawn X, Teen Basketball Star, Motivate You! One Minute Inspirational Video! Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue, Entertaining, Inspiring Educator, and Tashawn X, Teen Basketball Star/Leader Motivate You to Take a Chance! Tashawn’s basketball symbolizes opportunities in life! Will Tashawn’s basketball fly through the air and score a far 3-point shot? Will you dare to take a chance and go for your dream? Unrehearsed, authentic video is shot @Borough of Manhattan Community College/City University of New York (BMCC/CUNY) by Dr. Sue, Ph.D. Professor, Singer-Songwriter, Host-Interviewer of DrSue New Word Inspiring One-Minute Videos – for All Media!

DrSue New Word Video Dr. Sue Host and Tashawn X, Teen Basketball Star, Inspire You to Take a Chance and Live Your Dream!

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