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DrSue New Word Chance Basketball Positive Entertainment

DrSue New Word “Chance” Dr. Sue, Singer-Songwriter/Educator, and Tashawn X, Teen Basketball Star, Motivate You! One Minute Inspirational Videos! Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue, Singer-Songwriter, Inspiring Educator, and Tashawn X, Teen Basketball Star/Leader Motivate You to Take a Chance! Tashawn’s basketball symbolizes opportunities in life! Will Tashawn’s basketball fly through the air and score a far 3-point shot? Will you dare to take a chance and go for your dream? Unrehearsed, authentic video is shot @Borough of Manhattan Community College/City University of New York (BMCC/CUNY) by Dr. Sue, Ph.D. Professor, Singer-Songwriter, Host-Interviewer of DrSue New Word Inspiring One-Minute Videos – for All Media!

DrSue New Word Video Dr. Sue Host and Tashawn X, Teen Basketball Star, Inspire You to Take a Chance and Live Your Dream!

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