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Dr. Sue Titanic Panic

Dr. Sue Romantic Comedy “Titanic-Panic” Positive Entertainment

  titanic-gorman-sueManhattan Repertory Theatre presents “TITANIC-PANIC: Move Over Baby!” A Romantic Comedy by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz Co-Starring: Susan Horowitz and Gorman John Ruggiero Audience Comments:  “Your show was very impressive! You are terrific! I see it as a television series” (Pat McGuinn, Agent/Producer) “Absolutely engrossing! It felt like a real relationship – so natural I forgot they were acting.” (Andreas Quioga, Filmmaker) “Wonderful! This has such promise! I can see them really falling in love and the audience going nuts! You were adorable!”  (Bobbie Horowitz, Producer/Writer NYC/London) “It was so touching…I cried.” (Carolina Parker, Student BMCC/CUNY) “My main influences are Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, and Goldie Hawn.  I interviewed Ball and Burnett for my book Queens of Comedy. Lucy told me the secret of the success of I Love Lucy is the audience loved the comedy and the Lucy-Ricky romance; Carol played comedy spoofs of romantic movies; and I’ve often been told I remind people of Goldie Hawn.” – Susan Horowitz (Award-Winning Writer/Performer) short-play-project-series-1-posterManhattan Repertory Theatre Presents: “TITANIC-PANIC: Move Over Baby!” 17-19 West 45th Street Suite 301 NYC 10036  (left of Turkish restaurant, Push Code #109, then lower button with bell icon) Reserve: http://manhattanrep.com/short-play-project-dec-2016/ Price: $20 – for a full evening of entertainment in the center of Manhattan!

Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy” (Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!) www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367 Musical: “SssWitch”: www.ssswitch.net  www.YouTube.com/drsuecomedian https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos