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Red Silk Dancers with Dr. Sue - Dance Parade

Red Silk Dancers & Dr. Sue

We’re “dancing in the street” and on the stage at the annual Dance Parade! The parade route boogies down Broadway  to Tompkins Square Park, NYC to celebrate the performing arts and multi-cultural fun! Web: www.danceparade.org Dancing divas, colorful costumes, and diversity rule the day in New York City! Here I am with the beautiful Red Silk Dancers – a Chinese-American Company that performs traditional and contemporary dance.  http://redsilkdancers.weebly.com/    
Pure Onyx Movement & Dr. Sue - Dance Parade

Pure Onyx Movement Dr. Sue

Brooklyn is in the house – with Pure Onyx Movement – an American company that celebrates its African/International roots, Belly Dancing, and Inter-Generational Sisterhood! Director Jeannie Mitchell says, “We breathe together.” Here I am with Pure Onyx Movement! Web: http://pureonyxmovement.webs.com/      
Navatman Dancers with Dr. Sue - Dance Parade

Navatman Dancers & Dr. Sue

Is Bollywood calling? Navatman is a South Asian Dance and Music Company.  The troupe and school is based in New York and trains dancers in traditional Indian performance styles. Here I am with the Navatman dancers. There are two lovely ladies and two utterly charming children. Web: www.navatman.org        
Dancing Wheels & Dr. Sue

Dancing Wheels & Dr. Sue

    Diversity means more than multi-culturalism. It extends to the differently abled – like members of The Dancing Wheels Company and School. Director Mary Verdi-Fletcher, may be in a wheelchair, but her passion for dance, vision of possibilities, and sheer capability have created a company and school where thousands of children and adults with and without disabilities study and perform together. Web: www.dancingwheels.org  
Dancing Wheels - Mary Verdi-Fletcher

Dancing Wheels

  “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” – Robert Browning       (Photos by Jay Berman) Hope you enjoy hearing me sing my original song: “You Can Be a Hero” copyright 2015 Susan Horowitz Creative Living by Dr. Sue: Support the Arts! Without the arts, many children have no chance for a better, more fulfilling life! Without the arts, there is no real beauty, joy,  or civilization!

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