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Dr. Sue Sings “Teach You In Time” WOS Radio Positive Entertainment

Women of SubstanceDr.  Sue sings her original song “Teach You In Time” WOS (Women of Substance) Radio It’s part of WOS Songs for Mothers Series (My Podcast is May 10) WOS Radio broadcasts Dr. Sue’s other original songs: “The Heroes of Nine-Eleven” (Courage) “Happy Hanu-Krismas” (Interfaith Holiday) “Slow As Honey” (Romantic) Here is a link to Dr. Sue singing her original song “Teach You In Time” copyright Susan Horowitz

  Here is a Link to Dr. Sue talking about her song “Teach You In Time” 

Unsolicited Comment: “Fantastic. Your voice and message of your music is so full of nurturing love. It’s like I was hearing the voice of “my  mom” so beautiful and supportive.” Rashida Here is a link to Dr. Sue’s Album “For Heroes and Lovers” https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drsue2 This album includes “Teach You In Time” (free download) – plus romantic and inspirational songs. As a Teacher/Mentor/Godmother, I celebrate all kinds of families! Celebrate your own Family – by Birth or Choice!  


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