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Dr. Sue Teddly Bear Puppet

Dr. Sue & Teddly “Wear a Mask, Show You Care” Positive Entertainment

“Wear a Mask, Show You Care” Original Song-Video by Dr. Sue (Susan Horowitz, Ph.D.) Entertaining Speaker-Educator-Author

Enjoy “Wear a Mask Show You Care” Song Video by Dr. Sue
(Scroll down for Lyrics)

"Wear a Mask, Show You Care" 

I'm so glad you ask why I wear a mask
It's so important to do
If someone's got germs, I don't wanna get'em
And if I got germs, I don't wanna spread'em
I'm so glad you ask. Thank you for wearing a mask

Oh please understand, and please wash your hands
It's so important to do
We all should keep clean 'cause a germ, well it lingers
So wash up your hands and don't forget fingers
Oh please understand, Thank you for washing your hands

Oh show me you love me like my Teddly bear
Do it to show that you care

We're staying apart, you're here in my heart
You know you'll always be there
It's hard to be smart and keep my resistance
I'm keeping my word and keeping my distance
I'll show that I care. Thank you for showing you care. 

copyright 2020 Susan "Dr. Sue" Horowitz
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