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Dr. Sue Teddly Bear Puppet

Dr. Sue & Teddly Musical Puppet Show Positive Entertainment

“The Dr. Sue and Teddly Musical Puppet Show!”

TEDDLY® is a Multi-Media Sensation!

By Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz

TEDDLY® is a unique, multi-media property with puppets, songs, toys, books, educational videos – perfect for television, the internet and fun, online learning!

The Dr. Sue & Teddly Show

The Dr. Sue & Teddly Show!

Dr. Sue & Teddly Sing: “Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Stay Apart…Show you Care”

Dr. Sue & Teddly Sing:
“Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Stay Apart, Show You Care” copyright Dr. Sue

I’m so glad you ask why I wear a mask
It’s so important to do
In case you got germs, I don’t wanna get ’em
And if I got germs, I don’t wanna spread ’em
I’m so glad you ask… thank you for wearing a mask!

Oh please understand, and please wash your hands
It’s so important to do
We all should keep clean ’cause a germ, well it lingers
So wash up like me, though bears don’t have fingers
Oh please understand…thank you for washing your hands.

You might be a person, you might be a bear
Do it to show that you care….

I’m staying apart, you’re here in my heart
I’ll still be your Teddly Bear
It’s hard to be smart and keep my resistance
I’m keeping my words- I’m keeping my distance
I’ll show that I care…thank you from your Teddly Bear.

copyright 2020 Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz, Words and Music

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Teddly Books and Multi-Media

“Alphabet Fun with Teddly” Teddly looks for Butterfly who is hiding behind letters. Series expands to numbers, colors, shapes, etc.

“Alphabet Fun with Teddly” Teddly looks for Butterfly who is hiding behind letters. Series expands to numbers, colors, shapes, etc.“Alphabet Fun with Teddly” Teddly looks for Butterfly who is hiding behind letters. Series expands to numbers, colors, shapes, etc.

“Goodnight, Teddly” Life Skills: Teddly learns to go to sleep, dress himself,  and take a bath.

“Teddly and the Magic Store” Teddly meets Buddyfly, a magic butterfly, and learns self-esteem, sharing, and creative problem solving.

Holidays & Heroes — Children learn about heroes from diverse cultures who conquer fears and achieve success. Sample Stories: “Frida Paints a Pinata” (English/Spanish) “Jin Rides a Dragon” (English/Mandarin) Holidays include:Las Posadas, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa,  Eid, etc.  

“Teddly, the Teddy Bear” Song written & sung by Dr. Sue.

Dr. Sue Early Childhood Center BMCC
Dr. Sue at The Early Childhood Center Borough of Manhattan Community College/City University of New York

TEDDLY® PRODUCTS Plush Toys/Puppets  (may be packaged with books)

Animation and Puppets (for Webcasts, TV Shows, Interactive Games)

Songs (for Microchip in Toy, Animation, Web Cast, CD or DVD)

ANCILLARY LICENSING: Cell Phone Ring Tones, Stickers, Crayons, Coloring Books, Puzzles, Games, Costumes, Mobiles Children’s Wear, Caps, T-shirts, Bedding, Cereals, Vitamins, Training Pants, Shampoos, Bandages, etc. Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz, Ph.D.  is the sole owner of the TEDDLY® and TEDDLY & BUDDYFLY®  trademarks, copyrights, web page, and the author of all TEDDLY® stories, artwork, and songs.

CContact Dr. Sue for suggested Lesson Plans, Songs, Puppet Shows Books, and More!

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Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

Book: “Queens of Comedy”
(Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and more!)

Musical: “SssWitch” www.ssswitch.net

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Dr. Sue Duck Positive Entertainment / Education

Dr. Sue “Here’s to Ducks” Positive Entertainment and Education

Dr. Sue “Here’s to Ducks” Positive Entertainment and Education

Dr. Sue, Entertaining Educator, says, “A Teacher is a Second Mother!”
When you teach with love – in a language the child understands –
the child (and everyone else ) wants to learn! This Blog post is geared toward communicating with young children, but the general ideas apply to all age groups.

Dr. Sue Duck Positive Entertainment
Dr. Sue Duck Positive Entertainment / Education

The language of children is toys, so I use toy ducks to teach a simple lesson.

One duck is floating in a glass, and another is hidden behind my hair.

(Watch for the reveal in the video – a kind of peek-a-boo moment.)

Teaching is a form of communication, and communication is a holistic experience that combines all the senses.

I’m wearing soft, appealing colors that blend together (mainly the yellow of the duck and the soft blues and apricot in my scarf). The sun is coming through the window, and there’s a plant and a painting – so the room looks inviting – a place you may like to visit.

You may also notice that I am smiling. My smile tells you that I like you, that I’m happy, that we are together, and that everything is okay.

Two Ducks
Two Ducks

Here’s another picture!

Can you see two things in this picture that are also in the first picture?

If you said the duck and the scarf – you are right!

How many ducks are in this picture?

If you combine the ducks in this picture and the duck in the first picture, how many ducks do you see?

If you said “three” – you are right!

These questions are simple but they give you a chance to interact with the pictures and text – and to be right! That’s very important. Everyone (including children) wants to succeed! Give people a chance to succeed step-by-step, from easy to more difficult. If they make a mistake, give them a chance to correct their errors, improve their skills, and move on to the next level. After we master the easy tasks, we are ready to move on to more challenging ones.

This learning principle applies not only to counting ducks, but to most learning – and many video games.

Creating this Website Blog involved learning many skills. At first it seemed overwhelming, but with the guidance of my excellent Web Developer/Coach, I learned to do many things I never thought I could!

There’s a stereotype that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But I am what you call an “older person” and I’m here to tell you that learning is a life-long process.

Now it’s time for the video.

As you listen to the video, you’ll notice that I combine speaking with classical music in the background. That’s two senses – visual and auditory (listening) words and music.
And don’t forget your sense of humor – my Duck has a name: “Quack!”

Children – and most people on the Internet – have a short attention span. This video is 22 seconds long – but it’s packed with information!

In only 22 seconds, you learn all these things

  • You learn my name: I’m “Dr. Sue”
  • You learn my brand: “Dr. Sue Positive Entertainment”
  • You learn what to expect from my brand: a positive experience, probably with humor and a chance to learn something.
  • You learn to interact with the video.
    You can look for repeating content in different images! You can count the ducks!
    You’re invited to make comments in the Blog and the YouTube Video!
    These interactions are simple – but simple interactions are how I learned to creae this Blog – with text, photos, a video, my logo with text and links – plus some hidden categories and tags that will help you find me on the internet.
  • You learn to give your viewer, audience, and students a way to interact and succeed!
    A successful interaction is more interesting and engaging than a passive experience.
  • You learn that are treated with caring and respect. That is my commitment to you!

Are you ready to watch my video?
It’s only 22 seconds long – so watch it as many times as you like!
How many ducks can you see? Watch the whole video to count my earring!
Dr. Sue Positive Entertainment presents…”Here’s to Ducks!”


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