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Dr. Sue Jose Pinto Stephen, Musician with Pipa

Dr. Sue Jose Pinto Stephen, Musician with Pipa

I  just had the pleasure of attending the New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV’s New Year’s reception – a celebration of the revival of traditional Chinese Arts. The date fell between the Western and Chinese New Year – and provided many East Meets West moments – a traditional Chinese tea service in one room and a  cocktail bar in another; models in costumes inspired by ancient dynasties posing in front of a Christmas tree;  a demure, musician playing a pipa (traditional stringed instrument) – while in other rooms, programmers sat at computers producing NTD television  –technically sophisticated  international, multi-lingual  cable and webcast programs. NTDTV sponsors Shen Yunhttp://www.shenyunperformingarts.org/  – a multimedia feast of  Chinese dance, music, costume, cultural costumes, in a blend of live performance and digital projections of a classical landscapes and spiritual visions.  Shen Yun tours internationally and performs annually in New York around Chinese New Year. NTD also sponsors  other cultural events throughout the year – musical, dance, fashion, and culinary  competitions.  In fact, our hors d’oeuvres were made by a master chef and competition winner.  One of my first words in Chinese is “ho mei!” – delicious! Here’s another  photo from the reception – photographs by  Photographer/Writer Jose Pinto Stephen (who is in the top photo). I’m wearing my East-Meets-West black and red jacket! Happiness/Success Habits:  Enjoy cultural diversity!  There is so much to learn, savor, and share! Your real kindred spirits may – or may not – come from your own background.  Why limit your friendships to people who look or sound like your relatives?   Life is like a rolling cart of steaming dim sum (Chinese dumplings)  – you have to sample a few to find out what’s ho mei!

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