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Dr. Sue Shane Townley Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue: New York Art Positive Entertainment

Shane Townley, Owner New York Art, and Dr. Sue

New York Art is a Manhattan Gallery, Website/App, Touring Exhibition, Art Show/Party in Tribeca, NY – and the vision of Artist-Owner-Shane Townley!

Shane and I are standing in front of a sign for Gallery 104, his first venture in the New York art scene – a tiny gallery, where we first met a few years ago. That little seed has put down roots in Manhattan bedrock with an upstairs gallery at 7 Franklin Place and a vast downstairs Exhibition/Work Space for artists that hosts a new show/reception/arts salon on the first Thursday of every month! (May 2, June 6, July 4, Aug 1, Sept 5…)

New York Art Gallery Show

The main gallery space is one floor below street level, and one floor below that is the raw space where New York Art houses its touring collection of artworks – designed to raise awareness, funds, and art supplies for children abandoned in hospitals. This sub-basement remains at a chilly 65 degrees – perfect for a wine cellar where collectors of fine wines can store and share rare vintages.

If climbing those stairs seems daunting, consider this. My first visit to New York Art’s underground gallery took place in December 2018 – before there were stairs – just a thin metal ladder from street level to a dark, unfinished basement space. Shane, his long-legged Artist-Curator Cathy Condon, and a few bold souls had managed the ladder. I have short legs and a fear of heights. But Cathy offered to hold my bag and go first – so I tried it. It was a true challenge, thrill, and adventure – what New York dreams are made of!

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