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Dr. Sue Sings “Teach You In Time” WOS Radio

Women of SubstanceDr.  Sue sings her original song “Teach You In Time” WOS (Women of Substance) Radio

It’s part of WOS Songs for Mothers Series (My Podcast is May 10)

WOS Radio broadcasts Dr. Sue’s other original songs:

“The Heroes of Nine-Eleven” (Courage) “Happy Hanu-Krismas” (Interfaith Holiday) 

“Slow As Honey” (Romantic) 

Here is a link to Dr. Sue singing her original song “Teach You In Time” copyright Susan Horowitz


Here is a Link to Dr. Sue talking about her song “Teach You In Time” 

Unsolicited Comment: 

“Fantastic. Your voice and message of your music is so full of nurturing love. It’s like I was hearing the voice of “my  mom” so beautiful and supportive.” Rashida

Here is a link to Dr. Sue’s Album “For Heroes and Lovers” https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drsue2

This album includes “Teach You In Time” (free download)

– plus romantic and inspirational songs.

As a Teacher/Mentor/Godmother, I celebrate all kinds of families!

Celebrate your own Family – by Birth or Choice!




Dr. Sue Horowitz

Dr. Sue Horowitz

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Baggy Pants and Red Plaid Mini-Skirts


Baggy Pants Update (See previous blog post)

On the day after our Battle of the Baggy Pants, BP doesn’t show up for class. I think that my ultimatum –  “pull up your pants or I won’t correct your paper” – ticked him off.  He wasn’t willing to lose face with the other students to get my corrections.  He might have also figured that if I won, I’d rub it in and further embarrass him.

But that’s not my style. As I told the class, I believe that when you win an argument or get someone to do what you want, you drop the subject.  The person who loses an argument or has to do something against his free will already feels bad.  Once you get what you want, drop that subject! It’s better to be a little extra nice – show appreciation or give a compliment.  Welcome the “loser” back into the group and your good graces.

As it turned out, BP didn’t show up, so I did not have the chance to practice being a gracious winner.  But another male student did approach my desk for corrections, and he too wore baggy pants – though not as low-slung.  In fact, I didn’t notice his trousers under his loose shirt.

I was about to correct his paper when another student (I’ll call her PP – Pants Patrol) saw him from the rear and called out, “He’s wearing baggy pants!”

At this point, I wanted to be done with the subject.  For one thing, his underwear was not as exposed;  for another, he is a responsible student. He shows up regularly, does his work, and acts polite.  I have an ongoing friendly, teasing relationship with him.

He often sits surrounded by mini-skirted female students (his classroom harem) and calls himself “the king!”  One day, when he was side-talking and distracting the others, I said, “I know you’re the king. Can you be a quiet king?”  He quieted down, so I knew I could get cooperation without getting tough.

I don’t usually like confrontation, but after PP (Pants Patrol) brought the king’s low lying pant-line to my attention, I knew I had to say something.  The king eased himself into the student seat near my own throne (the teacher’s desk and chair), I asked:  “Can you pull your pants up?”  The king pulled up his pants without a fuss. I smiled and said, “That was the intelligent thing to do.”  He nodded. I continued, “I mean, you wouldn’t like it if I dressed like that.”  The king shook his head, “Of course not.”  He got my point – and I got his.

Baggy pants represent many things. They’re a street fashion that might win social points in a young man’s own peer group.  But in the classroom, especially if he wears them with his underwear hanging out as he approaches a teacher’s desk,  he is likely to annoy the teacher – and he won’t get my cooperation. As most of us know, there is a time and place for everything.

I also believe that a teacher who wears street or sexy fashions and accessories and/or curses and/or smokes in defiance of school rules undermines his/her own authority and respect.  The teacher’s (and parent’s) role is to represent authority -with fairness, compassion, and respect – not be a rebellious peer or potential hot date.  We all play roles (like the teacher role and the student role) and the costume, behavior, and dialogue need to fit the occasion.

Personally, I will admit that I do like the cute plaid mini-skirts that some of my students wear. In fact, I found out where to get one – and I might go shopping.  But I won’t wear it in the classroom!

When I need a back-to-school outfit, I keep in mind the immortal words of Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: “My mama told me – better shop around!”

Happiness/Success Habits:

  • If you need people to do you a favor or cooperate with your request, dress, act, and speak  in a way that makes them comfortable.
  • If you can’t win, give in gracefully.  If you win, be gracious about it.
  • Respect is a two-way street. Some people have more power than others in a given situation, but everyone deserves respect!
  • Blog by Dr. Susan Horowitz www.drsue.com
  • CD “Keys of Love”  www.cdbaby.com/drsue
  • Book: “Queens of Comedy” (essays and interviews with legendary comediennes – Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller.)


Baggy Pants in the Classroom


Teddly Goes Hip Hop

Teddly Goes Hip Hop

Baggy Pants in the Classroom

Baggy Pants  – pants that loosely hug the hips or drop below the butt are calculated to display the wearer’s underwear allegiance to ghetto culture.  I’ve heard that the fashion originates in prison (where inmates are not allowed belts).  There seems to be some debate about whether baggy pants should be legal or whether schools have a right to impose dress codes that forbid them.

I don’t really care about all that.  But I do care about respect in my classroom.

When BP, a  male student who is chronically late or absent, sauntered up to me with his pants dropping below his butt and dropped his practice ACT Exam on my desk, he clearly expected me to correct it. This ACT Exam is an important gateway exam allowing students to pass from remedial to regular college accredited work.  Today is the second to last day I can prepare my students for the ACT exam.

Now I am normally an understanding, kind, humorous teacher.  But today was just not my day to take to take any guff.

I looked at BP and said, “Pull up your pants.”

The class stopped whatever they were doing and looked at what promised to be an entertaining scene.

BP dropped into the seat next to my desk – his pants dropped with him.

I folded my arms and said, “If you want me to correct your paper, pull up your pants.”

One of the other students called out, “You go, professor!”

BP shrugged and tugged just a tad on the front of his pants.

A student in the back said, “His rear is still hanging out.”

I asked, “Does anyone else need a paper corrected?”

Quick as  bunny, another student slid into the other seat by my desk.  I ignored BP and corrected the other paper.

At last, tired of waiting and unwilling to do what? lose face? lose butt? BP stood up,  put his paper in my folder, and walked out.

I corrected the other student’s paper.  A few minutes later, since it was clear I wasn’t about to correct his paper as my personal homework, BP came back for his paper and left.

And that was that…at least for today.  Tomorrow, the last day before the exam, I plan to offer the same deal.

Pull up your pants or don’t expect me to help you with your work.

As far as I’m concerned, this has nothing to do his culture vs. my culture. I don’t find a display of his drawers attractive, but the target audience for his underwear is not his English professor.  Fine.  I don’t care about debating his legal rights or the school dress code.

I care about my own right to have my feelings respected in the classroom – and elsewhere. If someone cannot manage to do that, then I cannot manage to offer my skills and knowledge – or whatever else someone wants from me.  Professors are not educated slaves. Neither are other members of the college community (educated or not) – from custodians to security guards to cafeteria service workers to classmates to college presidents.  Just because someone has an overgrown sense of entitlement doesn’t mean the rest of us have to go along with it.  It’s nice to be be nice – and it feels nice to set limits. As the great Aretha Franklin sings, it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Respect!

Happiness/Success Habits:

  • Just say no. Trust your gut.  You know when you feel disrespected  or exploited – and you don’t have to go along with it.
  • Arguments and accusations are often unnecessary.  Stick to the behavior – pull up your pants if you want your paper corrected. (If I were his mom, wife, or girlfriend, I’d stop making dinner unless he did household chores or contributed the equivalent.)
  • If you win the battle, drop the subject.  If he pulls up his pants tomorrow, I will correct his paper with no  comment.  As a matter of fact, I don’t dislike BP.  He’s just an immature young man feeling his oats – that’s no reason for me to hold a grudge.  If he doesn’t drop his pants, I will drop the subject.
  • Blog by Dr. Susan Horowitz www.drsue.com
  • CD “Keys of Love”  www.cdbaby.com/drsue  Book: “Queens of Comedy” (essays and interviews with legendary comediennes – Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller.)


Set Goals, Acknowledge Success, Build in Rewards, Have Fun!


Dr. Sue & Students

Dr. Sue & Students

Set Goals, Acknowledge Success, Build in Rewards, Have Fun!

My profession, which is also a great source of satisfaction and pleasure, is teaching English.  One of my classes is called Intensive Writing (also called 095 remedial writing).  My students are in my class for one reason – they failed the college writing test-  the  ACT Exam.  The ACT Exam is a gateway exam which students have to pass in order to move ahead to take courses for college credit.  My students are in the class because they didn’t get a passing score on the ACT essay exam. That doesn’t mean they are not bright – it  just means they didn’t get the proper training to write a passing essay.  As you can imagine, the semester begins with everyone in a sour mood. They don’t want to be there.  Who can blame them? In fact, when I started teaching remedial writing, I didn’t want to be there either.  I resisted teaching 095  (and teaching in general) for years.  Then, to my own surprise (and after getting past some rough spots) I discovered that I could actually help those students and have a lot of fun doing it!  They (and I) may have some failures in our past (my own shortcomings just didn’t show up on an ACT exam) – but our train is now movin’ on down the line!  As one of my bright students wrote in her class essay – “Failure can Lead to Success!”  Here’s how…

Set Clear Goals. I write “Goals” on the blackboard and draw a bull’s-eye around it.  Under it, I write “Become Better Writers & Pass the ACT Exam”.  I ask the class: “Who can agree on this as a goal?”  The hands go up.  Once I get agreement, I reason backward from Goals. I put in arrows pointing to the goals, and going backwards, all the smaller goals we have to achieve to reach this main goal.  All the arrows point forward to the next goal. Pictures help the visual learners, and besides, I like drawing pictures.  We all agree on the Big Goals and the Smaller Goals. That is the design of  the course.

Every assignment is broken down in pieces, I consult with each student on a piece of the writing. When each essay has been revised until it is correct, the student reads it aloud to the rest of the class.  I ask the class questions about the essay to make sure they are listening. Then the student gets a star in the color of his/her choice. The students love and demand these stars!   Giving a choice of color shows respect for their individuality and gives them a sense of control. These assignments do not count for grades, but I feel it is important to Measure & Acknowledge Each Success & Build in Rewards – the stars do that.

I also enter their names in a class list. When they complete an assignment,  I put an X  by their names. One assignment = one X; two assignments = two X’s; three assignments = three X’s.  I tell them our goal is to have a Triple X rated Class!  We all had  good laugh at that one. One of my male students mumbled something that went beyond triple X.  I told him I didn’t understand because I had led a sheltered life 🙂  Goals are important – but they don’t have to make us uptight. Laughter loosens us up, so

Happiness/Success Habits

  • Set Goals – End of Course Goals, smaller deadlines leading to final goal, and goals for each class
  • Write Goals: I write goals for each class and assignment deadlines on the board – it keeps us all on track
  • Email: I email students before deadlines for papers, presentations, or exams and insert stars. They write back with questions.
  • Measure and Acknowledge Accomplishment: In classes without grades (just a pass/fail at the end), students still need a way to measure and acknowledge accomplishment. When students complete assignments, I give out stars in the color of student’s choice. In classes with grades, I give gold stars for A work and silver stars for A- work.

Sue MimosaBlog by Dr. Susan Horowitz www.drsue.com,  CD “Keys of Love”  www.cdbaby.com/drsue  Book: “Queens of Comedy” (essays and interviews with legendary comediennes – Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller.)

Time Management

The Sea of Time

The Sea of Time

“Time is a Vast Ocean of Opportunity – Learn to Sail!” – Dr. Sue

Time Management

Have you ever thought about how much stress comes from lack of time?  Feeling time pressured makes us impatient, accident-prone, irritable, a pain to others – and ourselves.  We make hasty, poor decisions, misplace and lose things, miss opportunities, and don’t enjoy the luxury of the time we do – or can have.  Here are a few tips to manage our time – and have a happier life.

“Last grain in an hourglass – more precious than gold!” – Dr. Sue Happiness Habit: Time Management

Prioritize what needs to be done – your deadlines – and do that first. “Do what you have to do so you can do what you get to do.” – a wise father’s advice from the film The Great Debaters

Make a Goals/Task List: Write down your Goals. Under each goal, write the tasks you need to do in order to accomplish it – your To-Do list.  If you don’t do it immediately, write it someplace that you will check or where there is a pop up reminder.  That way it won’t prey on your mind while it’s waiting to get done. When you do each task, check it off, and turn your To-Do into a To-Done. When you get your goal give yourself a treat and celebrate!  To-Do – To-Done – Ta-Dah! – “Mile by mile, it’s hard to smile; yard by yard – still feels feels hard; inch by inch – it’s a cinch! ”

Start Early: Allow extra time for you and everyone else to make mistakes. Things can go wrong – and will! Technical glitches, traffic jams, stalling trains, not being able to find your keys or glasses, accidents – expect the unexpected – and allow extra time so you won’t get stressed. If you finish early, you can always do something else while you’re waiting, or just relax and enjoy a treat.  Booking early allows you to take advantage of early bird deadlines and save money. Making your deadlines on time or early endears you to teachers, bosses, clients, and publishers.

Get Your Stuff  Together: What ingredients, clothes,accessories, work materials do you need – to get out the door, keep that appointment, take that trip, and get that job done?  Put the stuff together that goes together – not scattered in unrelated bits – it will be easier to find. Get it all together and lay it out in advance. You’ll find out what you need and what you need to fix – with a whole lot less stress. As the scouts say, “Be prepared!”

The Magic of While.… Set one thing in motion while you accomplish something else. For example, start your laundry before you do something else, when you’re done, it’s done. Mail letters and packages – even Emails, then do something else. Many people love crock pots and slow cookers for this reason – it’s doing its thing – and ready when you are!

Multi-Task: You know that Indian goddess with multiple arms? These days she would be on her cell phone closing a deal, doing a power walk around the coffee table,  zipping up, writing on a Facebook wall, Tweeting, and microwaving a dinner (to be eaten in front of  the computer). If you see yourself in any one of these multi-mirrors, than you’ve already figured out that multi-tasking gets you more bang for your buck, time wise.  The trick is when to turn it off.  That means – no cell phones while driving. (Think about it – do months in the hospital as a result of a traffic accident really save time? Is the guilt and remorse over injuring or killing a driver because you were too distracted to concentrate really worth it?) Also no cell phone in public spaces where other people want to focus on other things – like the performance on stage or screen, the classwork, the view – or the romantic date who wants to look deep in your eyes…and is distracted by the blue tooth in your ear!

Take stuff off your plate – If you don’t need to do it and don’t want to do it – don’t!  This means sometimes saying no to friends, family members, co-workers, social acquaintances, etc.  Set limits without guilt, arguing, blaming, or sighing like a martyr.  Yes, I know it’s a challenge. So ask yourself a few questions – Is this necessary? Is this helpful? Is this really my job? Is this fun?  If not – clean your plate!

None of us manage time perfectly, including me. When you slip – don’t forget to laugh at yourself and at rigid rules about time  (or anything else)  and customize my tips for yourself!

“Punctuality – a Point of View” by Dr. Sue

The early bird get the worm – this I have often heard

The early worm gets eaten  first –  isn’t that absurd?

Is being punctual so wise? It’s all in point of view –

If you’re a bird – yes indeed! If you’re a worm – not true!

  • Encourage yourself by listening to positive songs. You can hear me sing my inspirational, romantic songs by clicking on this link: CD Baby – Dr. Sue “Keys of Love”
  • Here is the lyric to my chorus of my song “Dare to Believe”

“Nothing is imposssible, nothing’s really out of reach

All your silent, secret longings wait for you somewhere – if you Dare to Believe.”

CD Baby – Dr. Sue “Keys of Love”
(music, lyrics & performance by Dr. Sue Horowitz)The first song: “Dare to Believe” is free.

Dr. Sue: Keys of Love

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