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Dr. Sue Sings Funny Song “My Significant Other Is Plants!”

significantDr. Sue Sings her Original Funny Song:

“My Significant Other Is Plants!”

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My Significant Other is Plants    Words and Music by Susan Horowitz

Now I hate to complain, but I’m feeling depressed

Though I meet loads of guys who are very well-dressed

My cabaret lifestyle is gay, but there’s one little thing I must say…


My significant other is plants

Certainly not anyone in pants

I’m annoyed ‘cause my life is devoid of romance

My significant other is plants.


I’m surrounded by men who are loaded with class

Their shirts match their ties and a fabulous ass – oops! I mean glasses

I think I am catching their eye

They look past at a good-looking guy…


My significant other is plants

Certainly not anyone in pants

It’s not dogs, it’s not cats, it’s not goldfish or ants

My significant other is plants.


A handsome producer –at last we’re alone

I’m on my bed; he’s on my phone

I think he is feeling the heat, though he never suggests that we meet…


My significant other is plants

Certainly not anyone in pants

Potatoes and carrots don’t do dirty dancing

I’m stuck on the vegetable aisle of romancing

It sure ain’t my druthers, these guys act like brothers

My significant other is plants!

Dr. Sue Horowitz

Dr. Sue Horowitz

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