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“Dietrich” Cindy Marinangel & Dr. Sue

“Falling in love again…” with Marlene Dietrich is what you’ll do when you see this extraordinary one-woman show with actress Cindy Marinangel. Set in 1960, when Dietrich, who had escaped Hitler, achieved Hollywood stardom, and entertained US troupes on the front lines of WWII, returns to Berlin to sing to German audiences – and face threats to her life from unrepentant Nazis.

Ms. Marinangel’s performance is amazing – defiant, tender, erotic and historically detailed. She transforms herself into a no-holds-barred Dietrich, who regrets nothing – and reveals everything, including bitter family secrets and hundreds of lovers (of all genders) – told with bawdy good humor.

The excellent script (with an imagined US sergeant interrogating the star) is by Willard Manus (also a novelist and screenwriter). Music Director/Pianist Russell Daisey (who has given international concerts, performed for several US presidents plus high level dignitaries and written original songs (often with lyricist Dr. Judy Kuriansky).

Production team includes: Executive Producer Dr. Judy Kuriansky (media star, philanthropist, clinical psychologist… and former bass player in an all-female rock band); Co-Producer Errol Rappaport (who helps brand international companies, donates his time to noteworthy causes – especially in the health field); Co-Producer Paul Sladkus (musician and TV executive has worked on over 150 Network TV shows, loves to share shows with life-affirming content, especially on his website goodnewsplanet.tv ,); Co-Producer/Web Designer/Social Media Coordinator Lou Matinez (stand-up comic and producer of the Bootleg Comedy Show – bootlegcomedy.com )

“Dietrich” splashed onto the NYC theatre scene at New York New Works (NYNW) Theatre Festival. Festival Director Gene Fisch, Jr., says: “Dietrich exemplifies the essence of what NYNW hopes for…Brilliant writing highlighted by a brilliant performance.”

Other talents include: Glenda Morgan Brown (Accent Coach); Karen Kubeck (Make-up); Maggie O’Brien (Publicity).

The show closes with “Dietrich”/Marinangel’s heartbreaking rendition of Dietrich’s signature song “Lili Marlene” – in a custom-tailored US Army captain’s uniform – not to be missed.

Current Venue: Triad Theatre, 158 West 72nd Street, New York, NY


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