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Switch the Musical

Switch the Musical: Cindi-Ella Slam Dunks the Ball!

Cindi (a modern Cinderella) meets Ella (a Witch/Sports Agent) with a Rainbow Hairbow, makes a tricky deal, and Slam Dunks the Ball!

A mashup of “Cinderella” and “Faust” with
dash of “Damn Yankees” – plus basketball, fashion, romance, and magic!

Complete Script and Songs on Request.

Marketing Proposal (2 Pages) on Request.

Logo Available for Merchandise and Branding.

Switch the Musical: Cindi-Ella Slam Dunks the Ball!

An original musical by Susan Horowitz

(former title: SssWitch)

Fun, Family Musical with Multimedia Potential, a Meaningful Message, and Merchandise!

Meaningful Message:
Be your Authentic Self, Watch Out for Tricky Deals,  Stand up to Bullies, Include Others,
and Go for your Dreams!” 

Multimedia Stage, Screen, Episodic Series, Cell Phone Apps etc.

Merchandise: Girls/Teens Fashions, Rainbow Hairbows & Bowties, Transforming Toys, Games, Mugs, Books, Coloring Books, Independent Songs, OnLine Videos, Episodic Series, and More!

Sample Song: “Look at Me” Words, Music, Vocal by Susan Horowitz

Dr. Sue SssWitch Positive Entertainment
Switch the Musical Story-Concert Theater for the New City NYC

Sample Song: “Magic is Happening” Words, Music Vocal by Susan Horowitz

Switch the Musical: Original Story/Script, Lyrics, and Music by Susan Horowitz, Ph.D. “Dr. Sue”
copyright 2021

A Show for Stage, Screen, Internet,

Video, and Vast Merchandising!

Be the Change You Wish to Make!

Switch the Musical Inspirational Mug!

Gift for Tax-Deductible Donations and Investors. Or Order Now, Ask Me How!

Staged Reading

Staged Reading

Staged Reading of SssWitch  Comedy (source for Switch the Musical)
and  Interview with Author Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz

Dr. Sue Solo Story-Song Concert

DrSue Sings Switch the Musical Songs for Charity “A Moment of Magic”

Audience Comments:
Switch is one hilarious and magical show you should see. It has a little bit of everything that keeps you glued to the story.” – Stephanie Obeng-Asante

“My favorite character is Ella, the Witch.  She’s evil with a sense of humor!”  Milana Murdukhayev

“I liked many characters, but mainly Cindy. The story has a strong message about family and how it’s never too late to change.” Eljona Nezaj

“Cinderella meets Faust! – funny and smart!”  Jack Feldstein

“I think Switch  is adorable….and I just love your warmth, energy. and talent.” Joe Barros, Artistic Director NY Theatre Barn

“I like the cat, butterfly and sparkling rainbow bow.  It looks like magic!” Kelly Su

Switch – What can I say, it’s funny and inspiring at the same time. It truly is a family-friendly musical.” – Joshua Servel Davis,  Composer, Songwriter, Playwright

Switch  has everything you would want in a story – comedy, magic, struggle, twist, romance, and a great message.” Sudeep Raj 

Switch  is a phenomenal play – fun and exciting!” –  Ardita Kukaj

Switch  is a comical musical with an underlying, inspirational message: we all have inner strength and courage when faced with difficult times in life.”  – Stephen Hughes

Switch  is funny and refreshing. Quite unique.”  – Tessa Bell (multi-award-winning producer of the family-friendly film “Life Inside Out”)

“Switch the Musical” is showcased on Musical Theatre Radio!


Podcast Interview of Dr. Sue Horowitz by Musical Theatre Radio Host Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Top Ten Finalist in International  Competition for Family Audience Musicals!

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Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz, Ph.D. is a Writer of Award-Winning Musicals, Comedies, Songs, Plays, Books, Poetry,  and a CUNY/BMCC Professor.

Education/Training: Ph.D. in Theatre CUNY Graduate Center/Hunter. Yale School of Drama, University of Chicago. Second City ImprovisationWorkshop, BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, Songwriters Guild, Summersongs, Memberships: Dramatists Guild, Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU), Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (MAC), Musical Writers Meeting, WomenArts.org.

Dr. Sue sings “Making Art”

Dr. Sue sings “Magic Is Happening”

Dr. Sue sings “Suddenly There’s You”

Dr. Sue sings “I Wish Upon the Moon”

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