Phyllis Diller: "Susan Horowitz has analyzed female comedy and dissected it to the bone!"

Joy Behar: "A must for anyone who wants to crack the mystery of estrogen-induced yuks!"

American Express: “You listen to our concerns. Your methods to handle stressful situations work!”

Stark State College, John David, Faculty President: “Your outstanding keynote speech: ‘Celebrate Learning Diversity’ was highly motivational, educationally sound, and entertaining”

Mount Sinai Hospital: “Entertaining and uplifting!”

Atlantic Cape Community College, Avon L. Chapman, Director,: “You are an energetic, charismatic speaker who demonstrates a high level of preparedness resourcefulness and mastery of the topic.”

Author-Gender & Humor, Dr. Regina Barreca: "a wonderful combination of somebody who puts women's comedy in context, and is a funny, effervescent performer!"


Reel Romance with Dr. Sue

Reel Romance with a Twist! 

Romantic Comedy by Dr. Sue (Writer/Actor/Singer)

New York New Works Theatre Festival logoNew York New Works Theatre Festival 

www.nynwtheatrefestival.com (5 Shows/Evening) 

Duke Theatre 229 W. 42nd Street (Broadway) NYC

“Reel Romance is funny!” Beth Newbery, InfusionArts

Co-Star/Co-Director: Gorman Ruggiero

Contact Dr. Sue: drsue@drsue.com 

NYNW Shows October 3- 21, 2017, Finals (Nov  6) 7pm

“Wonderful performance!” President Sherry Su -Xu, Anwil Scholar Inc. Tutoring Center, International

“Your joy and spirit were infectious! How neat to satirize both “Titanic” and “Gone With the Wind”.

I especially enjoyed how you worked in Bette Midler’s “The Rose”. – Howard Gross, MENSA Speaker, Hollywood

“Your Act was AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed it!” – Alicia Nebblett-Roberts BMCC Alum, Registered Nurse

“Susan’s an inspiring, natural force on stage!  Reel Romance is a fun, interesting depiction of love.” Andrew Monohan, theatre composer

“Your acting was great – body language was excellent!” – Professor Elliot Fink

“Reel Romance stands for inter-generational/cross-cultural entertainment, love, and fun!” – Dr. Sue 

Reel Romance: what a show – and we’re a brand! Just like waistlines, we expand!

Like a pitcher needs a catcha, like a batter needs a ball

Reel Romance is comin’ atcha, here’s a list – and that ain’t all!

Radio: Reel Romance and Real Talk with Dr. Sue (JCT MultiMedia)

Reel Romance Dance with Entertainment! 

Reel Romance Fashion, Mixology, and Merchandise 

Reel Romance is a production of Empowering Entertainment by Dr. Sue

Dr. Sue’s works include: 

Book: Queens of Comedy (interviews w Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller) 

Singer/Songwriter: www.CDBaby.com/drsue2 , Radio WOS (Women Of Substance)

Television: Project Runway, NBC Women in SitComs, Good Day New York, etc.

Children’s Book of the Month Club: Read With Me

“SssWitch!: A Bewitching Musical”

 A Fun, Family, Anti-Bullying Show 


It’s a Cinderella story with a 

Switch by a Funny Witch!

(original book, lyrics, music) by Susan Horowitz, Ph.D.   


Dr. Sue Horowitz

Dr. Sue Horowitz

“Empowering Entertainment!”

 Susan (“Dr. Sue”) Horowitz, Ph.D.

 SssWitch!” – a Bewitching Musical! www.ssswitch.net

 CD: “For Heroes and Lovers”: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drsue2

 Book: “Queens of Comedy”

(interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett,

Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, etc.) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/219367

Dr. Sue is an award-winning Writer/Actor/Singer: Books, Plays, Musicals, Screenplays, Poetry, and Songs.  

Facebook (Susan.Horowitz1) , Linked In, Twitter @drsue6

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