Phyllis Diller: "Susan Horowitz has analyzed female comedy and dissected it to the bone!"

Joy Behar: "A must for anyone who wants to crack the mystery of estrogen-induced yuks!"

American Express: “You listen to our concerns. Your methods to handle stressful situations work!”

Stark State College, John David, Faculty President: “Your outstanding keynote speech: ‘Celebrate Learning Diversity’ was highly motivational, educationally sound, and entertaining”

Mount Sinai Hospital: “Entertaining and uplifting!”

Atlantic Cape Community College, Avon L. Chapman, Director,: “You are an energetic, charismatic speaker who demonstrates a high level of preparedness resourcefulness and mastery of the topic.”

Author-Gender & Humor, Dr. Regina Barreca: "a wonderful combination of somebody who puts women's comedy in context, and is a funny, effervescent performer!"


A Teddly ®


by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz, Ph.D.

Teddly, the teddy bear, helps children overcome obstacles, build confidence, master skills, develop creativity, and solve problems.

“Teddly and the Magic Store”
Teddly meets Buddyfly, a butterfly, and learns self-esteem, sharing, and creative problem solving.

Holidays & Heroes — Children learn about heroes from diverse cultures who conquer fears and achieve success. Sample Stories: “Frida Paints a Pinata” (English/Spanish) “Jin Rides a Dragon” (English/Mandarin) Holidays include:Las Posadas, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa,  Eid, etc.

“Alphabet Fun with Teddly and Buddyfly”
 Teddly looks for Buddyfly and learns early reading skills. Series can expand to numbers, colors, shapes, etc.

TEDDLY“Goodnight, Teddly”
Life Skills Series
: Teddly learns to go to sleep, dress himself, take a bath, good manners

“Teddly, the Teddy Bear” Song written & sung by Dr. Sue. Please Click here:

Teddly the Teddy Bear