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DrSue New Word Hero FDNY Ladder 8, NYPD 9/11 Community Event Positive Entertainment

Dr. Sue & Captain Garritano, FDNY Ladder 8

DrSue New Word Hero FDNY (Ladder 8) & NYPD invite you to a Community Celebration of our 9/11 Heroes September 8, 2021, 11am-2pm. Varick Street & Ericsson Place, New York City. Family Activities, Safety Demos, Games, Giveaways and Food! Join us as we celebrate our commitment to courage and community!

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Enjoy DrSue New Word “Hero” – One Minute Song Video.

"A Day Called 9/11" Song-Art-Video Susan Horowitz (DrSue)
"A day called 9/11, the devil split the sky
The burning ash came down like rain, my country learned to cry
Now I ask where is my faith and all my pride?
A voice answers deep inside...

The heroes keep on on climbing through the ash and dust of h%ll
I do believe they find their way to heaven 
Their hearts sang out like angels as the mighty towers fell
A Day Called 9/11..."

Words, Music, and Painting by Susan Horowitz (DrSue) copyright 2021

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