Rainbow to Oz

Rainbow to Oz

Rainbow to Oz Songs, Show, and Web Page copyright 2022 Susan Horowitz, aka Dr. Sue

Dr. Sue Singer-Songwriter, Speaker-Author and Creator of Rainbow to Oz!

Rainbow to Oz
“Rainbow to Oz” original musical and songs by Dr. Sue

Dr. Sue’s original Oz related songs are tuneful, witty, poetic, fun, and uplifting! If you like The Wizard of Oz, Disney musicals, Broadway and Jazz, you’ll love Dr. Sue’s Rainbow to Oz songs and musical show! Dr. Sue offers songs, musical shows and motivational programs!

Here are some original Rainbow to Oz songs!

Dr. Sue sings “Rainbow to Oz” Music Director Mark Janus (The Salon) Videography: Pedro Ruben Olvera. Don’t Tell Mama, NYC

“Rainbow to Oz” Song Recording: Music, Lyrics, Vocal by Susan Horowitz copyright 2022. Please Click on Link to Listen!

Rainbow to Oz Song List

  1. “Rainbow to Oz” (swinging, uplifting)
  2. “Wizard of Love” (saucy jazz)
  3. “Accessory to Crime” (funny)
  4. “I Wish Upon a Rainbow” (ballad)
  5. “Hit the Road of Yellow Bricks” (jazz)
  6. “Friends Are Soul Food” (interactive, upbeat)
  7. “Can a Dream Come True” (romantic)
  8. “I’d be Lyin'” (funny)
  9. “Hero in Your Heart” (anthem)
  10. “Teach You In Time” (inspirational ballad)
  11. “Rainbow to Oz” (reprise)
Dr. Sue & Musical Director Stephen Cornine perform at Ozland Festival!
Rainbow to Oz Ozland Festival

Ozland Festival and Antonia Arts Center 925 South Street Peekskill, NY. August 6, 2022

Producer Scarlett Antonia proudly presents:

Rainbow to Oz an original musical by Dr. Sue (Susan Horowitz) with Musical Director Stephen Cornine.

“Thank you for your incredible offering to join our journey to Oz! Your performance was outstanding, and we look forward to having you join us next year!” – Scarlett Antonia, Producer, Ozland Festival

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Wizard of Oz

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion show loyalty, courage, and perseverance as they pursue their dreams of becoming intelligent, loving, and brave; and Dorothy is finally able to go home. Together, they are able to defy a wicked witch and a fake wizard, and they overcome all dangers and feelings of self-doubt.

They learn that they already have all the qualities they long for: brains, a heart, nerve, and a way to return to the people they love. All they really need is a way to believe in themselves and their potential to live their dreams. How can you live your dreams? How can you believe in your talent and potential? How can you stand up to your own witches and bullies? How can you find and keep great friends? How can you experience joy, music and imagination? Dr. Sue wants to help you believe in yourself and ride a Rainbow to Oz!

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