Poe-tic Justice by DrSue

POEtic Justice

POE-tic Justice: A Modern Twist on Edgar Allan Poe! DrSue

Poe-tic Justice by DrSue
Poe-tic Justice by DrSue a Modern Twist on Edgar Allan Poe

POE-tic Justice Multimedia Webpage and all content copyright 2022 Susan Horowitz

POE-tic Justice is a play with theme song – a modern, witty, feminist-fatale Twist on Edgar Allan Poe…and Marilyn Monroe!

POE-tic Justice: A Professor and Student, in a secret affair and obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe, fantasy-play Poe’s story – with a dangerous twist!

Susan "Dr. Sue" Horowitz

POE-tic Justice Theme Song.

Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz sings her original, POE-tic, romantic theme song “Sing to You Like a Woman.”

Music, Lyrics, Vocal Sound Recording by Susan Horowitz copyright 2022.

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Photo by 6-8 Recording Studio NYC

“Sing to You Like a Woman” Music, Lyrics, Vocal by Susan Horowitz copyright 2022

PRODUCTION: POE-tic Justice is a 2 Character play with theme song and trivia game, for live and streaming performance. It can be developed as part of a streaming series of original videos that are “twists” on classic literature and film.

VIDEO of Staged Reading w Triva Game Available!

TWO CHARACTERS: 1 Female 1 Male, ONE (or no) SET

POE-tic Justice: Susan "Dr. Sue" Horowitz Peter Kingsley


EDDIE: Student, sensual, clever, emotive, (F) played by Susan Horowitz (actress/singer/writer)

MONTY: Professor, intellectual, seductive, manipulative (M) played by Peter Kingsley (actor)

Staged Reading: New York City

Photos by Susannah Talley

Content: Play with original music (live or recorded), discussion, trivia game. Why is Edgar Allan Poe like Marilyn Monroe? The answer is in A Glass of Amontillado! Author, Susan Horowitz, aka “Dr. Sue” is an Actor-Playwright-Singer-Songwriter-Professor. She is available to play the role of “Eddie” and lead post-show fun trivia games or discussions!

Susan Horowitz, DrSue Singer-Songwriter

“Sing to You Like a Woman” POEtic, Romantic Theme Song by Susan “Dr. Sue” Horowitz (Lyric, Music, Vocals, and Recording) copyright 2022

I wanna lose sleep, dive deep, while the waves come crashin’ I wanna love sublime, a reason I’m allowed a crime of passion Just like a tale by Poe, wanna build it slow till I’m so obsessed that I cling to you like a woman Sing to You LIke a Woman till I die…

Photos by Susannah Talley

VENUES: Theater and Film Festivals, Schools, Libraries, Online Streaming as Full-Length or as Series of Short Videos), Book Clubs, Anthologies of Literature and Plays, etc.

POE-tic Justice is easy to produce and lends itself to Poe-related trivia games, discussions of gender roles, class, power, and literature, the macabre, thrillers, etc.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: “It’s a nifty plot indeed. And your song, too!” Susannah Talley. “I was entertained all the way through!” Bree Clarke. “You are charming onstage!” Andrea Andresakis. “Simply awesome!” Andrew Monohan.

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Special Thanks to Valerie Kooyker for Script Editing/Proofreading , and Stephen Cornine for Music Arranging and Advice.

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