Phyllis Diller: "Susan Horowitz has analyzed female comedy and dissected it to the bone!"

Joy Behar: "A must for anyone who wants to crack the mystery of estrogen-induced yuks!"

American Express: “You listen to our concerns. Your methods to handle stressful situations work!”

Stark State College, John David, Faculty President: “Your outstanding keynote speech: ‘Celebrate Learning Diversity’ was highly motivational, educationally sound, and entertaining”

Mount Sinai Hospital: “Entertaining and uplifting!”

Atlantic Cape Community College, Avon L. Chapman, Director,: “You are an energetic, charismatic speaker who demonstrates a high level of preparedness resourcefulness and mastery of the topic.”

Author-Gender & Humor, Dr. Regina Barreca: "a wonderful combination of somebody who puts women's comedy in context, and is a funny, effervescent performer!"


MYTHS AT PLAY: Cupid’s Dart

Cupid’s Dart is a witty poetic, musical play inspired by classical mythology and nature – for modern audiences

Solo Show written and performed by Dr. Sue (who sings and enacts the characters ) – or a 2-4 Person Cast.

You Can Be a Hero (original Song by Susan Horowitz)

Welcome to a magic world of myth and fantasy

Let your imagination set your spirit free

Ancient legends that are told anew

Times may change, but feelings still are are true 

Leap  to adventure – and fly through the air

Swim in the ocean – a mermaid is there

Magic will glisten as long as you listen

To stories and make them your own

There’s nothing that you fear

You can be a hero if you believe…

Myths at Play by Dr. Sue

Myths at Play by Dr. Sue

Metamorphoses, by the Roman poet Ovid, influenced Chaucer, Dante, Shakespeare, Shaw, choreographers, visual artists, and composers.

From the Apollo Theatre to the Apollo Space Program to Superhero comics, mythology continues to inspire us!

My Fair Lady, One Touch of Venus, and Xanadu are musicals based on classical myths. Beauty and the Beast comes from the myth of Cupid and Psyche.

Cupid’s Dart is entertaining literate fun!

Witty poetry and lyrics, melodic, uplifting music,  and myth-inspired stories with a modern twist create a unique performance experience!

“Cupid’s Dart” can be expanded to include myths from many cultures and related to literature, nature science, and ecology.

Myths at Play illustrated poems, books, calendars, etc…..

Dr. Sue partners with The Outreach for Breast Health Foundation
by offering poetry from her Myths at Play series.

The Outreach for Breast Health Foundation reduces mortality,
suffering, and social costs of Breast Cancer.
Services: free mammograms, clinical breast examinations and breast health education to women with little or no insurance coverage.

The Breast Health Foundation published Dr. Sue’s poem:
“A Myth for May- The Jewels of Spring” in a sold-out book of poetry & photos.

The book helped raise almost $20,000 at Design in Bloom Celebration.
“A Myth for May- The Jewels of Spring” by Dr. Sue Horowitz

The butterflies on topaz wings bedazzle sapphire days
As nuzzling bees rub ruby lips of roses till they blaze
Sweet Maia and great Ceres bless each blossom, grain, and vine
And spread the fragrant jewels of spring to welcome Proserpine

About the Myth…
May is named for the Roman goddess Maia, mother of Mercury,
who wears a winged cap and shoes. Pluto, Lord of Underworld
and gems, kidnaps Proserpine, who is the daughter of Ceres, goddess of agriculture.
Pluto tempts Proserpine with jewel-like seeds. He makes her Queen
of the Underworld, but he allows her to return to her mother each spring.
The joy of their reunion creates May flowers – the jewels of spring.

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