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The Heroes of Nine-Eleven Song by Susan Horowitz (Dr. Sue)

Dr. Sue Sings "The Heroes of Nine-Eleven"

Dr. Sue Sings
“The Heroes of Nine-Eleven”

Enjoy my original uplifting song (words, music, vocal)

“The Heroes of Nine-Eleven”

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JCT Variety Show: Success Awaits Us!

JCT Variety Show Group Photo 9-24-2010

JCT Variety Show Group Photo 9-24-2010

What a thrill! This weekend, I was the singing host (that’s me in the pink top) for the JCT Variety host (now co-sponsored by BMCC club: “Success Awaits Us”)  at the Lafayette Grill, NYC.  As Amy Harlib, our yoga contortionist says,  “I love the mix of talent of all kinds and all ages!”  I do too!   My own style and songs are Broadwayesque pop – with a li’l bit of country.   But our variety show casts a much wider spotlight – and it’s fun to see all the different styles.

This show, we featured a beautiful dancer Valerie Kale (who looked like she shimmied out of Disney’s movie “Aladdin.”),  singers (Edwin Arzu, Juadon Rafik/Rocky Ousmane, Shadiya Thompson, Greg), guitarists (Johnny Mantra, Zhen), a comic (Scott Rios), an actress (Jazmin Luperena), rap artists (L.B., One Son),  and  Zurab (in the red shirt) who displayed the movie poster for his film).  Bridget Graham (who sculpts chocolate flowers for her Sweetable Eatables confections) contributed an interview and a yummy blend of chocolate and bling to our raffle (supervised by TV host Leyna). Danni (Kourtney Brown) and Poppa T. (producer) handled the videos.  Whew!  Pause for memory recharge…okay I’m back!

Actually, I believe that memory (and all mental functions) benefit from the stimulation of new challenges.  Certainly, as an English professor (and, shall-we-say “mature”? woman), most people wouldn’t expect me to belt out songs and co-produce a variety show, where some of the performers are  half my age and culturally very diverse. But why not?  It’s exciting, fun (that rush of applause from my students felt fantastic!) – and mutually educational.  We all get a chance to step out of  our usual roles and see each other as whole people – vulnerable, talented, sexy, smart, stupid, making mistakes, and fixing them.

But even though our roles stetch, they don’t entirely vanish.  Zhen, our young guitarist, likes to say “yes ma-am” me.  I think it’s culturally more natural for her – and I kind of liked it, too.  My performing name “Dr. Sue” works on stage – and for my students.  “Dr. Sue”  feels like a comfortable compromise between the respect of “Dr.”  (as in “Dr. Horowitz”) and the easy-to-pronounce, friendliness of “Sue.”   My producer, who calls himself “Poppa T.”  really is a kind of father figure to the whole production – and his name says it all.

Beyond that, we get a chance to experience different cultures – and to feel adventurous, yet safe.    After our show, I stayed for a  late night supper at Lafayette Grill with my former student Diana Taylor.  I also got up and danced with a hot middle-Eastern/Greek dance band and crowd.   An older gentlemen threw dollar bills on the floor.  I figured they were for my dancing, so I picked them up and tucked them into my waistband and top (feeling a little naughty).   Then we got our check and left.  Right outside the door, another gentlemen told me the money was for the musicians, so I went back inside and threw the bills back on the floor near the band.  it was a little embarrassing, but I figured the simplest way to handle the situation was to admit an honest mistake and move on.  Wouldn’t it be great if some of our bigger problems in politics and the mid-east could be handled that easily?

As Diana and I walked toward the subway, we both commented on how everyone danced together – young and old – and how everyone enjoyed the sensuality of traditional dancing and the community bonding.  I also thought the presence of elders provides young people with protection.  In American pop culture, many adolescents and 20 year olds go into a hard-drinking/clubbing culture of peers and strangers with no adult supervision.   Anything can happen – and sometimes does.

I hope our variety show provides excitement, fun, a way to explore diverse cultures – and safety.  I hope we can all grow as a powerful community by thinking outside our “jobs” – special thanks to Jazmin,  her lovely parents, and Juadon who helped with sign-in sheets; Johnny Mantra who played guitar beautifully for my cruise songs “Oceans of Fun”and “Fortunata”  and for Amy’s yoga dance; Danni and Zurab, who handled video and sound tech, Leyna who handled the raffle, and to our wonderful, supportive audience! There are many ways to be a star off- and on-stage.  I hope we can nurture and develop talent and provide a fun, social experience for our guests so people will stretch, take risks, have fun, and know there is a safety net of support – so we all can grow together.

Happiness Habits

  • Step out of your culture/age/stereotype box – some limits are real, but many are self-imposed. I’m not about to do a balletic grand jete (a  thrilling leap that gives the illusion of floating in air),  but I can enjoy the thrill of ballroom and belly dancing.
  • Celebrate your life and your own tastes and preferences. I might enjoy a cross-cultural foray into the hiphop hood – but my heart will always be a “golden oldie” -especially since, by a miracle of nature – my hair turned blond 🙂
  • Review by Dr. Susan Horowitz www.drsue.com,  CD “Keys of Love”  www.cdbaby.com/drsue  Book: “Queens of Comedy” (essays and interviews with legendary comediennes – Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller.)


Dr. Sue Hosts JCT Variety Show: Live/Cable/Webcast

Dr. Sue: Host/Singer-Songwriter/Interviewer

JCT Awards Dr. Sue "Entertainer of the Year"

JCT Awards Dr. Sue “Entertainer of the Year”

Where to go to catch a show?  Beat the heat, drink and eat?  

Air-conditioning  on full blast – so chill out – enjoy the cast: 

Funny Comics who can talk, Models struttin’ the catwalk  

Dancers with and without  shoes – Singers and fun Interviews  

Tangos, Tappers, Actors, Rappers, Broadway ballads, Caesar salads 

Entertainment – a full menu – dinner – drinks – and here’s the venue: 

Lafayette  Grill and Bar – you can catch the Next Real Star! 

54 Franklin Street, (# 1 train to Franklin) NYC   

And Cable/Web cast by JCT! 


Hope you enjoyed my rhyming tribute to showbiz rhymsters from  Irving Berlin to Jay-Z…that’s over a hundred years!

Today’s hot media is the Web – but there’s no substitute for live entertainment.

JCT Multimedia (TV/Radio/Magazine/Web -Producer: Poppa T.) is sponsoring a series of variety shows at Lafayette Grill and Bar (a full restaurant with dancing)  in lower Manhattan (between Broadway/Lafayette, Subway: #1 – Franklin Street or 2,3,4,5, 6 – Chambers Street).  Our next show will be August 5 (Thursday), 2010.  7pm-midnight – so come on down!

Our last show was tons of fun!  The talent was definitely varied and entertaining:  “The Amazing Amy” Yoga-Contortionist-Dancer (who demonstrated flexibility at any age) ; Fabielle – a handsome model (who showed me how to catwalk); a teen dancer(who tapped her way through a Beatles song ); an actress (with a monologue about a hamburger flipper); a model/singer (who warbled “Sistah” from The Color Purple)  to Miss Asia – an R&B  singer. I hosted the show and sang my original songs “Dare to Believe” “Celebrate Your Life” and “Yo Te Amo (I Love You)” .

After the performances, I did  a group interview of show biz kids with their parents (including Producer Poppa T.)  All agreed that  being in show business is intense, demanding work that takes patience and persistance – plus (from the parents) a willingness to chauffeur their talented offspring to auditions, invest finances and time (and handle the jealousy of siblings who may be too young for the biz – or just not interested).  A bad stage parent pushes the child past his/her own needs and interests to satisfy what is really an adult agenda.  A good stage parent and mentor knows when to step back – to avoid making a performer feel pressured – and when to step forward to encourage, teach, and protect – and to know the difference between the child’s interests – and the parent’s own needs.

All this is a mental health ideal – and it’s not so easy to draw the line – especially when a child is gifted.  What we call “genius” is a combination of unusual talent, hard work, and determination. Where would young Wolfgang Mozart have been without pushy poppa Leopold?  What about young Michael Jackson and driver dad Joe Jackson? More peaceful? Perhaps.  Less productive? Probably.

Whatever your talent or taste, there’s something for everyone at JCT”s variety show.  The audience gets free entertainment, delicious food and drink. If you’re an aspiring star, this is a chance to be seen – by a live audience plus cable/webcast: http://www.jctmagazine.com/jct92gradio.html  “Success Awaits Us!”

Date/Time: August 5 (Thursday), 7pm-midnight.  No Cover, Great Food/Drinks                                                                                                              Place: Lafayette Grill: 54 Franklin St. NYC (Between Broadway-Lafayette) (212) 732-5600.                                                                                             Subway: #1 – Franklin St. Or # 2,3,4,5, 6 – Canal St. (local) Chambers St. (express)

www.howtobehappyif.com/wordpress  Dr. Sue: drsue@drsue.com

Lafayette GrillHappiness Habits

  • Live your dream – and your talent – you don’t know if you’re hot till you give it a shot!
  • If you’re pushing your child or significant other(s) to achieve – make sure it’s their dream – not yours.
  • Enjoy good entertainment good food -and do what you love!
  • Encourage yourself by listening to positive songs. You can hear me sing my inspirational, romantic songs by clicking on this link: CD Baby – Dr. Sue “Keys of Love”
  • Here is the lyric to my chorus of my song “Dare to Believe”

“Nothing is imposssible, nothing’s really out of reach

All your silent, secret longings wait for you somewhere – if you Dare to Believe.”

CD Baby – Dr. Sue “Keys of Love”
(music, lyrics & performance by Dr. Sue Horowitz) The first song: “Dare to Believe” is free.

Dr. Sue: Keys of  Love

Enjoy my book “Queens of Comedy” by Susan Horowitz on my website: www.drsue.com or Amazon.com.

Life is a story book – a collection of many stories – each one with a plot, characters, and the theme or message we take from it. Each story presents an opportunity to learn and practice Happiness Habits.

What’s your question? What’s your comment? What’s your story?